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Go to market 50% faster with Dynamic Conversation Designer – A Generative AI tool

Updated: February 15, 2023
Go to market 50% faster with Dynamic Conversation Designer – A Generative AI tool
Go to market 50% faster with Dynamic Conversation Designer – A Generative AI tool

I am thrilled to announce the launch of Dynamic Conversation Designer, a conversation design tool with generative AI that helps teams to quickly and easily design chatbot conversations without writing any code. Teams can share and visualize designed flows to get feedback and sign off on conversation designs. Additionally, development flows are created automatically from designs, resulting in 50% faster time to market with reduced development and training time. 

Challenges with existing conversation design process

Conversation design is the starting point of developing conversational AI and plays a critical role in delivering superior customer experiences. However, the final outcome of conversation design is subpar, as conversation design is done using flowchart-based tools which results in clunky and complicated designs. This slows down the development process, as designs are difficult to understand and visualize. Furthermore, developers must recreate these complex designs within a chatbot building platform, leading to a repetitive and tedious process.

conversation design process
Conversation design in flow chart form. 
Use case shown – Order management
  1. Difficult to use design tools – Today the design process and the tools used by conversation designers are quite complex as the designs are created using flowchart tools. The problem is, flowchart tools are not specifically meant for designing conversations. And hence conversation design becomes a time-consuming process with these tools. Also, there is a significant amount of expertise and training required to master designing the conversations with these tools.
  2. Lack of standardization – Because designing is done outside the conversational AI platform, there is the absence of a common set of guidelines or best practices that developers and designers can use to create consistent and user-friendly conversational experiences. This results in confusion and frustration for users, who encounter different design choices and interactions across different conversational interfaces. 
  3. Repetitive development efforts – Lack of integration or connectivity between the design tool and development platform means developers must recreate the design flows in the chatbot building platform. This leads to developers spending significant time and effort in replicating the design flows to development. 
  4. High maintenance – When the design of a conversational interface is created in one tool and the development flows are in another, updating and managing flows in both tools to ensure they are on the latest version can be a tedious and error-prone process. The risk of missing updates in one of the flows increases, leading to inconsistencies and potential problems in the final conversational flow. 

Launching Yellow.ai Dynamic Conversation Designer

The role of a conversation designer is like that of an architect, mapping out how users can navigate through the conversations with a chatbot

Introducing Dynamic Conversation Designer, a conversation design tool that is easy to use to design user-chatbot interactions supporting both chat and voice, visualize the UI, interact with the design, and share with others. 

The cherry on top? Flows are auto-synced between design and development, without any coding! No additional resources, no training, no coding required!

Dynamic Conversation Designer

With the Dynamic Conversation Designer, gone are the days when you needed dedicated designers to create conversation designs. Now everyone, regardless of whether they are a designer, developer, business analyst, campaign manager, or partner, can design effective chat and voice conversations and quickly launch a bot within minutes.

Key features of Dynamic Conversation Designer are:

  1. Design chat and voice conversations without any coding or training
  2. Visualize and interact with the designs
  3. Share designs for quick feedback
  4. Auto-sync flows in real time between design and development 

Want to see Dynamic Conversation Designer in action?


Making an impact on businesses with 50% faster time to market

Dynamic Conversation Designer is within the Yellow.ai conversational AI platform. This allows creation of development flows from design flows automatically, meaning there is no need for developers to start from scratch, which saves significant development time and effort. Additionally, there is an instant auto-sync between design and development flows, keeping both the flows in tune with the latest version.

Streamlined Workflow: Dynamic Conversation Designer automates the creation of conversational interfaces, freeing up time for developers and conversation designers to focus on more complex tasks. This results in a faster and more efficient development process, which in turn saves time and resources when it comes to hiring and training new employees.

Reduced Training Costs: With Dynamic Conversation Designer, developers and conversation designers can work on projects with less reliance on others for support. This reduces the need for extensive training programs, and allows new hires to get up to speed quickly.

Standardization: Dynamic Conversation Designer ensures that all conversational interfaces are designed consistently and according to established best practices. This reduces the risk of errors and ensures that all conversational interfaces meet user expectations. With less room for human error, less training and development time is required, making it easier to hire and train new employees.

Increased Productivity: With Dynamic Conversation Designer, developers and conversation designers can work more efficiently and effectively, which leads to improved productivity and increased speed of project delivery. This reduces the need for additional employees and reduces the costs associated with hiring and training.

The power of conversational design lies in its ability to create human-centered interactions that feel seamless, natural and intuitive in the digital world. Good conversation design should be engaging and prioritize the needs of the user. With accessible and scalable solutions like Yellow.ai’s Dynamic Conversation Designer, we believe that we can foster a deeper connection with customers and drive better business outcomes.

Sheikh Abdullah Ali, Executive Director, Solutions ME

Bringing the power of Generative AI for conversational design

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz about ChatGPT and we are thrilled to offer the capabilities of Generative AI within conversational AI to our customers. 

Launching soon will be the Dynamic AI Collaborator within the Conversation Designer to bring the capabilities of generative AI in conversational design. Dynamic AI Collaborator is set to democratize the use of generative AI technology, by combining generative AI with Yellow.ai’s proprietary insights engine. This will ensure that our designer will not only be able to generate conversations using generative AI but also predict the conversations a customer may have using our insights engine. This is pathbreaking for businesses to quickly launch high-quality conversation design enhancing their customer experience.

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