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Over the past few months, we’ve been speaking to several customers and one common issue that has come up time and again is - lack of relevant data in a consumable format.

In a digitalized world, we are producing a huge amount of data every minute, which makes it challenging to store, manage, utilize, and analyze it. Implementing new product features is only half the battle won when it comes to driving growth. The other half requires deriving actionable insights from huge amounts of data for meaningful application. As data sets are becoming bigger and more diverse, enterprises face challenges associated with incorporating them into an analytical platform. Without the right platform, gaps in data interpretation can lead to erroneous messages and insights, affecting business outcomes.

According to Gartner, 87% of companies have low BI (business intelligence) and analytics maturity, lacking data guidance and support.

That’s where we started thinking - can we build something where our customers can access all their data comprehensively, slice & dice it, look at user sentiments, engagement trends, and more - within a few seconds?

Data is the heart of artificial intelligence, but we believe that AI does not belong to just data scientists any more. Innovative AI powered tools can empower the workforce and put capabilities in the hands of non-tech experts.

To solve this very problem, built an ingenious solution - Data explorer

Data explorer enables businesses of every scale to generate custom reports, segment users, and build dashboards with just a few clicks. It helps elevate and boost business performance by:

  • Offering powerful analytics building capabilities for any business

  • Giving business and technology teams the ability to look at trends within seconds

  • Enabling teams to answer everyday bot performance questions on their own

  • Empowering teams to analyse complex data with absolutely no prior coding/querying knowledge required

The road to better decision-making begins with enabling self-serve access to data. When every team is empowered with comprehensible data and insights in real-time, they can have informed conversations about taking steps to ensure productive business outcomes.

  • 58% businesses look at product/user analytics to measure the impact of digital products on users.

  • 75% say analytics is essential to how they built and optimise product and processes

Another important factor in all of this is : Speed of Data Interpretation Spikes and dips in important business metrics happen in all companies. What keeps them from failing is catching any negative changes right away, while quickly diagnosing the cause, so as to take corrective actions.

With Data Explorer, businesses can experience a tangible ROI impact of having real-time data visualisation that allows non-technical teams to be agile and responsive, recalibrating and optimizing every business decision.

Gain a competitive advantage by using’s Data Explorer solution. Book your demo today!


Anmol is a product manager at He’s mostly found at tea stalls (during office hours as well) talking about startups, technology and human behavior. He also rants about legacy softwares with bad customer experience at times. When not working, you can find him taking spontaneous cycle trips around the city, hiking or writing about his past travels.

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