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Ushering in A New Era of User Interactions with Voice Bots

Tejeswi Sreekantan

Vice President Global
Partnership, Yellow.ai

Shekar Murthy

Chief Customer Officer, Yellow.ai

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What will you learn?

The what, why, and how behind voice bots

  • An in-depth look at voice bots, what they are, and how they are fine tuned to understand customer utterances, customer intent, and take appropriate actions.

The need for voice bots in a post-pandemic world

  • As businesses are increasingly optimizing omnichannel strategies to better reach out to their customers, voice tech is becoming a crucial tool to enhance customer experience.

How one of the largest insurance brands leveraged voice bots

  • We dive into how the successful implementation of voice bots led to 50% higher efficiency at one of the world’s largest insurance brands.

Muralidharan C.

SVP, Customer Success & Strategy, Yellow.ai

Murali heads post sales teams at Yellow ai, which includes delivery, support & adoption teams. He also leads training and developer community teams. Prior to yellow ai, he setup Accenture Ventures & Open Innovation in India, consulted enterprise APAC clients on Digital transformation & innovation, headed UiPath’s India & APAC strategy. He was also a member of IBM’s market development team.
Shekar Murthy

Chief Customer Officer, Yellow.ai

Shekar is an experienced senior technology professional focused on designing and managinglarge-scale, enterprise wide digital, automation and contact center technology transformationprograms. He has utilized 22+ years of strong leadership, problem solving and technical skills toidentify emerging technology trends, define vision and strategy, mobilize internal and external resources, and build strong relationships with business partners and technology vendors.

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