Optimizing Chatbots For Better Customer Outcomes

About the Webinar

Organizations are incorporating conversational AI into their customer experience (CX) journey in order to create more personalized and seamless experiences. In fact, a recent Forrester report found that 74% of customers prefer brand interactions that combine both AI and human assistance. Conversational AI can also help with providing insights into customer behavior and preferences, allowing brands to deliver more targeted communications and services. The end result? Transformational customer experience for both the brand and the consumer.

This is the only conversation you need to hear to gain insights today and champion customer engagement strategies in the years to come and beyond.

Webinar Agenda:

  • Introduction to the event
    1. Quick insights into the world of customer experience
    2. What to expect in the years to come
      • Automation and conversational AI in 2023
      • Customer engagement: New methods for 2023 (omnichannel strategy, conversational AI)
      • Customer engagement: Technologies (NLP, document cognition, use cases)
  • Digitization Trends and Best Practices
    1. Understanding the experience imperative
    2. Best practices for chatbot success, including:
      • Team composition
      • Building around your users
      • How to choose in build vs. buy
      • Planning your rollout
      • Identifying success
  • Summing up: Takeaways
  • Question & Answer
  • Thank you
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