Learn How to Craft a Winning Omnichannel CX Strategy in 2022

Rashid khan

Chief Product Officer & Co-founder, Yellow.ai

Anupama Hoon

Chief Product Officer, Zenyum

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What will you learn?


Why messaging matters for your business?

The generation now wants to connect instantly with friends, family and businesses alike. Learn how to utilize and implement the most popular channels where your audience loves to hangout the most to increase visibility.


Zenyum’s Business Challenge and the solution

Zenyum's wanted a way to handle the large volume of incoming queries. We implemented an omnichannel support for Zenyum. A chatbot that is live on multiple channels; all being handled from a unified dashboard increasing agent productivity.


How does this help your business?

Understand how Voice and Text Automation can help your customer support operations to drastically reduce operational costs and witness your customer satisfaction scores reach an all-time high!

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