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Conversational Ads: The Next Big Thing in Adtech

Vartika Verma

VP, Global Marketing, Yellow.ai

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What will you learn?

Conversational ads: Everything you need to know about it

  • Conversational ads are quickly becoming a popular marketing solution. With higher engagement and better personalization, establishing one-to-one connections become easier.

Generating quality leads with conversational banners

  • With two-way, contextual conversations and the capability to track Natural Language insights, conversational ad banners go beyond simply capturing a lead..

Real-life impact of conversational ads

  • A deep-dive into some case studies to discover how conversational ads are key to transforming a marketer’s game.

About Speakers

Vartika Verma

VP, Global Marketing, Yellow.ai

Vartika is a marketing enthusiast with over 10 years of experience working and scaling a handful great companies in the e-commerce, app domain and fin-tech domain. In her years of experience, she has had the opportunity to build iconic brands through digital and traditional marketing, contribute to business goals by taking P&L responsibility and setting and leading stellar teams. She has developed strong marketing, insight mining and product-marketing skills during my MarTech stints.

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