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Deliver 60% Automation
in First 30 Days

AI can’t replace humans. So we did the second best thing, we combined the power of human intelligence and AI, with active learning to deliver on-demand customer experience at scale and achieve 60% automation in just 30 days.

Experience total customer lifecycle automation

Bot studio

Design a robust chatbot that reflects your brand’s identity on a simple no-code builder. use our extensive list of pre-built nodes to get your first bot up and running in under 10 clicks.

Knowledge base

Train your bot on thousands of documents with zero manual effort through one-click integrations with your existing knowledge base.


Deliver natural conversations via accurate intent identification and sentiment analysis. Our chatbots are built on a zero-shot learning model allowing them to deliver accurate results from day 1.

Active learning

Our chatbots are not static. They crunch millions of anonymized conversations happening across the platform daily to improve predictions & get better with time.


Leverage our 100+ pre-built integrations or customize one for yourself. Use our robust API management tool to seamlessly integrate with 3rd party systems and monitor them with alerts engine.

Developer console

While there’s a lot you can do on yellow.ai no-code platform, custom requirements never cease. We offer developers a pro-dev console where you can write complex business logic codes.

Event hub

Build meaningful customer journeys by collecting & collating data from 3rd party systems and channels with easy to configure UI based Event hub

Workflow engine

Automate processes and customer lifecycle journeys at scale by creating workflow sequences. The trigger, condition, and action framework, practically designed for conversational workflows, is easy to set up and manage.


Use chat, voice or video calling to reach your customers on social, voice and email channels from a single dashboard

Ticket management

A robust email ticketing management suite that helps you automate email tickets and deal with complicated SLA use cases efficiently.

Contact management

Store all your customer information in a single place, enabling your agents with past conversations and with full context of the problem.

Apps & workflows

Leverage your own apps and build your own customized workflows to optimize your customer support suiting your business requirements

AI + Human

Automate up to 70% FAQs and seamlessly route complex queries to live agents. Our chatbots can also provide agents with context in an ongoing support conversation resulting in an unmatched AI + human synergy.

Outbound engagement

Engage your customers wherever they are, when it matters the most with the right messaging. Using our practically designed & automated campaign workflows, user segment.

Inbound engagement

Increase website engagement and optimise conversion rate with inbound engagement tools. Understand the customer’s requirement and direct him to the next best action.

Omnichannel notifications API

Secure API integrations for powerful notification workflows, across channels with fallback mechanisms, scheduling and a wide range of templates to choose from.

Customer data profile

No more data silos. Enable meaningful, personalised, contextual and real time customer experience by unifying customer data from various systems of records into a single view.


Analyze customer actions on the bot using real-time analytics. Gain qualitative and quantitative insights to understand user intent, improve chat experience and increased goal completion rate.

Mapping user journey

Explore how your users are moving inside the bot. Get a detailed view of each step that the user takes with insights around what they are talking about, where they are dropping off and why.

Data explorer

Comes with an inbuilt BI tool with easy access to all your customer data and chat analytics events. Build custom dashboards for your business analysis/user segmentation without writing a single line of code.

Custom business goals

Set custom business goals like sales lead collected, goals completed without human intervention, positive customer feedback, NPS scores on the platform and track goal progress with analytics in real time.


Your bot, your choice. We offer cloud, private cloud, public cloud and on-premise deployments. With our container-based installation, scale is really never the question. We support all major cloud platforms including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Amazon Web Services.


The Yellow.ai platform complies with GDPR, HIPAA, ISO27001 & ISO 27018. And to make the access secure, we support Active Directory, Google SSO, Microsoft SSO, ADFS & Azure AD, LDAP, SAML, and have standard support for OAuth2.

The platform is built atop the
sturdiest NLP engine – innovated in-house

Our Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) ‘brain’ engine compounds the self-learning of the voice and text chatbots through multi-factorial intent recognition, effective customer engagement and on-point resolution – all of it in real-time and with a 98% accuracy rate. While other platforms build capabilities on existing NLP frameworks, ours is a one-of-a-kind in-house, proprietary engine.

Democratizing AI with Yellow.ai’s marketplace

Yellow.ai’s marketplace helps accelerate time to value via helping developers and business users access a wide variety of reusable components or model bots. Marketplace components are listed by Yellow.ai’s developer and are available for community members to list components as well.

Core components in the marketplace include journey, validators, code snippets, and integration. For easy search and access, they are tagged to industry, solutions and channels.

Why do 1000+ brands trust Yellow.ai

Total CX automation platform recognized by Gartner & G2

Build an intelligent NLP powered chatbot in under 10 clicks

Excellent time to value – 60% automation in 30 days of go live

100+ languages available across 35+ text & voice channels.

100+ out of the box integrations

Harness the power of human + AI to deliver meaningful CX at scale