Game chatbots
The future of gaming interactions

Build an immersive gaming experience with gaming chatbots to automate customer support, speed up resolution time, empower developers to focus on critical tasks while greatly reducing support costs.

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self-service of queries, in-game


real-time customer support on games


increase in game test automation


faster than manual testing

Make gaming more fun for your

Gaming experience’s intelligent virtual assistants allow you to meet the ever growing demands and expectations of the gamers and developers by gathering real time insights to better the game, upsell to the right gamers in 100+ languages, create content faster by taking over repetitive tasks, provide seamless in-game support, enabling a more dynamic and immersive experience.

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Pre-built domain specific expertise

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Deploy across 35+ text & voice channels

Immersive and intuitive gaming
enabled by a robust NLP Engine

Ingame support

In-game support

Offer real-time 24/7 customer support which is fast and cost-efficient


10X engagement

Improve or alter the game, answer FAQs and solve pain points automatically with chatbots that learn from every game

Enable payments

Enable payments

Upsell to the right gamer and take care of end-to-end transactions. Start monetising your game, intelligently

Power analytics

Powerful analytics

Gather insights from conversations and collect gaming data to improve the quality of your game and user experience

Industry Gaming Automated

Automated development and tests

Empower your developers to focus on critical testing, while our chatbots take care of the repetitive tasks

Truly Gaming

Truly global gaming

Train support chatbots in 1 language and deploy in 100+ languages, across text and voice channels

Take gaming experience to
the next level!

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