Energy bots that empower you to offer 24/7 customer support

For an industry that needs to provide unhindered services to its consumers, chatbots for utilities are the perfect solution.

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higher conversions


Reduction in enquiry calls


Increase in CSAT


Increase in efficiency

Turbocharge superior utilities services with
robust NLP and Smart Analytics

Go live faster with our pretrained bots that conduct versatile conversations in any language due to our robust NLP engine. Our bots can scale up instantly to deal with a large volume of requests. They integrate seamlessly with various channels and software platforms, making a world of difference in improving the overall customer experience.

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Pre-built domain specific expertise

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Deploy across 35+ text & voice channels

Transfrom CX whilst reducing your
operational cost

Self-serve support

Self-serve 24/7 support across voice & text. Enable customers to lodge complaints or get resolutions via the chatbot

Notifications & alerts

Notify about consumption patterns, tips to manage consumptions & criticals like maintenance schedules, outage, etc

Payment collection

Collect payments through the bot which can integrate with various payment service providers & via scanning the QR code on the bill

Store locator

For individuals desirous of making utility service payments at the store, the chatbot can locate designated stores basis the consumer’s pin code

Retarget churned leads

Churned customers who are now using a different utility service provider can be re-targeted by pushing new offers through Voice and WhatsApp channel

Capture leads

Enagage, qualify and convert leads through intelligent conversational ads. The bot can integrate with CRM to store information & run campaigns

Relocation of service

The chatbot can capture the customer’s details and assist in relocating the connection/service to the new location when a customer moves

Temporary suspension

Provision of temporarily suspending the utility service for the required number of days through the chatbot is available for consumers’ ease

Detect fraud

Auto-detect fraudulent calls through sophisticated IVR technology

Multilingual support

Offer 24/7 customer support in over 100 languages across 35+ text and voice channels

Digital Assistants that empower
utility operations!

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