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Building Happier Workplaces With HR Digital Assistants

March 27, 2020  •  5 minute read

It takes a special HR team to convert your workspace into an employee’s happy place! Employees are the backbone of any enterprise, however, as the organization expands geographically and in strength, it becomes quite time-consuming and costly to have personalized engagements with all employees. On top of that, multiple processes are to be executed on a daily basis, grievances to be handled and the list goes on. To make life simpler for all the HR professionals out there and help them focus on other pressing matters at hand, it is time to invest in an HR Digital Assistant.

Automate your Human Resources with our cutting edge AI-powered Chatbot that is intact with all the latest advances in NLP and ML. 
Let’s have a look at what our HR digital assistants can do:

Employee Engagement

No matter what industry you are in, every organization needs to maintain healthy relationships with its employees. Engaged employees positively affect the organization by being fully absorbed, enthusiastic & productive in their work. To ensure work-life balance, Digital Chatbot is designed with an approach quite similar to the social media ecosystem. 

  • Employees can create polls to decide on restaurants & plan team outings.
  • The bot reminds people of their colleagues’ birthdays, anniversaries, and other achievements. 
  • It can provide feedback at over 200 moments that matter in an employee’s lifecycle. 
  • The bot makes sure that no one misses out on any important notifications, organization announcements, and upcoming events.

New Hire Onboarding

This is one of the most important tasks of the HR team with several transactional processes: 

  • Assessing application forms
  • Background verification
  • Sending out call letters
  • Induction program announcements
  • Drafting salary agreements
  • Asset allocation
  • Training notifications

Yes, that’s a lot to do during every placement drive. We understand that. Our HR digital assistants are compatible across different channels and can be deployed in your desired medium of communication. For onboarding, we recommend using our Whatsapp Chatbot for HR to assist the candidates until their date of joining. 

  • The Chatbot can provide post-interview feedback to candidates regardless of their interview results. This leaves a positive impact nonetheless.
  • The Bot can also take feedback from candidates at different times.
  • Answer FAQs and interview related queries.
  • Schedule feasible interview location and timing for senior management hires. 
  • Send offer letters, call letters, salary contracts, etc. 
  • Notify employees of new joiners, hiring pipeline, etc.

Auditing Payroll and Taxes

HR employees spend countless hours on payroll audits and are stuck with humongous spreadsheets waiting to be sorted out. The organization usually ends up employing a few employees just to work on this. However, adopting automated solutions can free-up HR staff to concentrate on value-adding tasks. Here’s what our Chatbot can do for you :

  • The bot can draft the payroll by calculating the clocked-in hours for the working days, and tax deducted for each employee. 
  • Issue payslips on time. 
  • Manage tax reimbursement documents and credit them after the year-end. 

Leave Management 

Initially, it might seem okay to handle leave requests through emails and phone calls. However, as the influx of employees increases, it is time-intensive to process the mails and maintain records of each and every one. 

Automate your time-off management  with our chatbot which is super fast and its functions are listed below:

  • Employees can apply for casual leaves, privilege leaves, and on-duties. They can also automatically update out of office statuses. 
  • Employees can track the number of days they have taken off and check the remaining days that they can avail of leaves. 
  • Managers can approve or decline the requests through the bot, thus saving the time spent on sending out emails, calls or meetings.

Resource Analytics

The human capital of an organization is really complex. You need extensive data for analyzing each process to provide better insights on them. This results in poring over multiple spreadsheets and drafting your analysis on managing the workforce. Our bots are trained to help you cope with analytics and get a head start in tackling inefficiencies. Some of its features are:

  • Calculate employee turnover rate, retention rate, employee NPS, excitement score and diversity ratios. 
  • Look out for the percentage of employees looking for an internal transfer.
  • Maintain job referral percentage and notify the hiring managers periodically. 
  • Keep up-to-date on pay gap analysis.

Omni-channel Integrations

Switching to different channels and retrieving data from multiple sources are the advantages of automation. No more do you have to rely on a single channel when our smart digital assistant can be deployed on multiple channels & can orchestrate between them. Converse with your virtual HR assistant anytime, anywhere. Our Chatbot supports integrations on:

  • Facebook’s Workplace, Google chat, Microsoft Teams, and Slack
  • Voice channels like Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Progressive Web applications, Powerapps and Desktop apps.

Be more humane to your HR department and lessen their workload, so that they are free to explore their domain and be more productive & value-adding. It is high time we take care of those who work hard for the betterment of the workforce.

Meeting Scheduler

Interactions with clients or team members are an inevitable part of any business, but booking a meeting room based on everybody’s availability has been a hassle that the HR professionals have had to endure. HR Digital assistants help users schedule meetings with ease. 

The users can choose the meeting time, date, location and the required participants with the help of the digital assistant. 

It provides the user with suitable time slots based on the availability of all participants and prompts the user on any clashes with upcoming holidays or pre-scheduled meetings to reduce any discrepancies.

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