Real-time support at scale with generative AI

Enhance customer and employee experiences using our multi-LLM architecture, continuously trained on billions of conversations for scalability, speed, and accuracy. Cut support costs by 60% with seamless automation across text, email, and voice. Dynamic Automation Platform

Slash costs by 60% by automating conversations across text, email, and voice

Conversational Service Cloud

Boost customer satisfaction and slash operational costs by up to 60%, delivering real-time multilingual support across text, voice, and various channels


Reduction in operational cost

Conversational Commerce Cloud

Increase your customer engagement by 60% and maximize your marketing ROI by running cross-channel, conversational campaigns


Increase in conversion rates

Conversational EX Cloud

Boost the productivity of your workforce by using our pretrained HR and ITSM AI to automate day-to-day conversations


Increase in ESAT

Industry-leading accuracy


Powered by zero-shot learning, DynamicNLP™ is the first-to-market in the enterprise conversational AI space that eliminates the need for NLP training to help you go live in minutes.

  • Higher intent accuracy out-of-the-box from day 1
  • Industry agnostic
  • Fluent in 135+ languages
  • Pre-trained on billions of conversations


Marketplace for powerful templates

Go to market 2X faster with 150+ prebuilt templates and integrations to build high-quality voice AI chatbot software

  • Plug & play templates for key industry verticals
  • Integrate with industry-leading platforms in a few simple clicks
  • Available for e-commerce, CRM, live chat, voice activation, social channels, payment gateways, enterprise tools, and data hubs
  • Pre-built connectors for most widely used channels

No-code builder

Drag-and-drop interface

Maximize and realize ROI faster by designing and deploying Dynamic AI agents quickly and easily in minutes, with no coding and no training required.

  • No code, intuitive workflows
  • Auto-create development flows from design
  • Reduce 50% development and training time
  • Eliminate the need for expensive technology investments


Automate queries

Slash agent search time and boost efficiency with DocCog — a cognitive knowledge search engine — by quickly extracting vital information across multiple sources and systems.

  • Upload from multiple sources: documents, URLs, AWS S3, Sharepoint, and knowledge bases such as Salesforce, Confluence, ServiceNow, and more
  • Search on images, hand-written notes, receipts, etc., with a native OCR parser
  • Experience increased call deflection with DocCog’s robust fallback mechanism
  • Support for languages such as English, German, French, Spanish, and more

Let’s get acquainted

Whether you’re established or fast-growing business, we’re here to help you gain a competitive edge — speak to one of our human agents about how might work for you.


Conversational campaigns

Create a healthy pipeline of leads, improve conversion rates, and build a base of loyal customers with personalized, omnichannel marketing campaigns.

  • Generate high-quality leads with accurate targeting
  • Boost lead conversions by 50% with goal-oriented workflows
  • Reduce cart abandonment rates by 30% with auto-generated nudges
  • Run loyalty programs, provide timely suggestions, and achieve higher CSAT ratings


AI-powered agent assist

Supercharge your enterprise support team’s productivity by harnessing our generative AI-powered unified Inbox.

  • Provide your agents with cutting-edge tools like auto-response, ticket summarization, and coaching insights
  • Canned response suggestions for quicker response and reduced handling time
  • DocCog integration with Inbox knowledge base to help agents find information quickly
  • Seamlessly manage customer interactions across chat, email, and voice

Real-time data

Deep insights & analytics

Go further than tracking key commercial metrics — know your customers and employees better than they know themselves.

  • User journey visualization to optimize conversation flows instantly
  • 20+ system reports in addition to custom reports and dashboards
  • Track customer service metrics such as deflection rate, goal completion rate (GCR), CSAT, first response time (FRT), and more
  • Build business goals in minutes to track them in real-time for actionable insights


Unmatched security

ISO, HIPAA, SOC 2 and GDPR certified platform – ensuring privacy, security and compliance is our top priority.

  • Role-based access control, single sign-on, OAuth, and SAML integration at bot level
  • TLS 1.3 encryption in transit (TLS 1.2 supported for backward compatibility), AES 256 encryption at rest
  • Pentests & vulnerability management on the code and platform levels; WAF, DDOS, IPS & IDS covered

Delivering an omnichannel experience from one platform

Integrate. Automate. Communicate instantly. It all starts with a conversation.


Text Automation

Website, e-mail, SMS, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook messenger & more

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Voice Automation

Contact center systems, telephony, IVR, home assistants like Alexa & more

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