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Industry Leading Platforms's integrations ecosystem has over 100 pre-built integrations, which enables your brand to seamlessly integrate your existing systems and tools to provide a unified customer experience.

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CRM and live agents

Give your customers the best of automation and live agents, by providing seamless integrations with industry leading support platforms.


Soar your eCommerce reach and sales with simple one-click integrations. Wow your customers with ease of shopping, without bringing in any new technology.


Integrate Voice AI into your conversational CX, and personalize your responses with voice assistant. Go beyond generic blanket responses, and resolve concerns in real-time.

Social Channels

Provide a seamless, multi-channel experience for your customers with smooth integrations across social channels. Engage, nurture and delight your customers wherever they are.


Delight your customers with seamless integrations of payment gateways, and enable one-click payments without the need to jump around various tabs or apps.

Knowledge Management

Integrate your data hubs like SharePoint or AWS S3 using, and our platform's document cognition engine will put all your data into use by converting data into Questions and Answers on a conversational layer - which helps resolve customer queries in real time.

Integrations made simple

Automate workflows within your CRM, Contact Centre Platforms, Ticketing or Live Agent systems, in real-time and improve job satisfaction by increasing team productivity for your employees, and enhance customer experience for your customers.


We've made the process of integration super simple. Integrating all your business apps and systems is now just a click away, and as simple as plug-and-play. Simply choose the platform you want to integrate from your techstack and tools, click connect and voila, your app or channel integration is done!

Should you face any issues with integrations, we've got you covered. We have a dedicated team for helping integration support and maintenance.


Looking for custom integrations? We've
got you covered.

If the tool you use doesn't have built-in APIs, no problem. We'll build custom integrations for you that will seamlessly integrate with your own product, tech stack, and other tools.

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