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Get deeper insights into what your users are doing on the bot and why in real time. Track and analyse key metrics to understand user intent better, improve chat experience and increase goal completion.



Increase in CSAT


Intent-resolution accuracy



Know your customers better than they
know themselves

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Get a detailed understanding of your customer’s intent and sentiments with our proprietary NLU Engine. Track their positive or negative sentimental trends to get deeper insights, not just impressions and clicks.

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Identify top customer questions, pain points, interests, user journey, etc. to know what your customer are often talking about and build business strategies based on these insights to improve your CSAT and increase sales.

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Segment your customers basis their search and purchase trends and use those insights to upsell/cross-sell products that suit their personalised needs.

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Get a bird’s eye view of key metrics and
analytics - real-time

Get real-time reporting of key metrics like average wait time (AWT), first contact resolution (FCR), accuracy, total active queries, etc. to channel the analytics into empowering representatives.

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Create unique dashboards and reports - with metrics and success indicators relevant to your business. The cherry on the cake is that you don’t need any developer to customize reports, thanks to our no-code, no-delay platform

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Check out real-time campaign analytics like active status, direct impressions, engagement, audience reactions and feedback and leverage these insights to build new business stratgies and grow your business.

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Accurate and validated analytics – directly
from ‘your’ customers

Our conversational AI helps you to, figuratively, talk to each customer, and it’s all automated. The analytics, hence collected, are precise, validated and extremely relevant to 'your' audience. It's literal gold-dust for any enterprise.

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