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83% of customers believe talking to a person to be the most important part of CS processes because voice is interpersonal, informal and inherent to human communication.

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1:1 natural, human-like conversations

1 automated speech recognition and response technology enables fast, accurate, lifelike conversations in multiple languages, dialects, speaking styles and emotions for a variety of use cases, like customer self-service, agent assistance and speech analytics.


Our speaker Identification & Voice biometric capability lets you identify the speaker & authenticate a person by recognising the voice/passphrases in real-time through humanised conversations for a delightful customer experience.


Smooth customer interactions involve seamless live agent transfers. Our voice bots are equipped to understand the intent and make the switch to a live agent - on the customer’s request if the bot was unable to answer the query and in situations of distress.


Learn & improve with every conversation

Our conversational AI platform comes with ready connectors for SIP/ MRCP integrations that facilitate a quicker and faster go-to-market strategy. All you have to do is just plug and play.


Fast, accurate transcription from millions of conversations will help visualise the complete process of the customer journey to provide actionable insights on improving customer relations & increasing CSAT.


Reduce friction by collecting lead information conversationally as a human would so your customers are comfortable sharing their details. We also validate this information on a real-time basis & report internally so appropriate action can be taken if there is a breach.


Virtual customer assistants to
guide your customers every step of the way

Onboarding/welcome calls

Plan, execute, and track multi-step transition processes like onboarding.

Reminder calls

Contact customers to confirm appointments, bookings, and reservations or effectively remind consumers about payments, due dates, adherence.

Notification calls

Alert customers about activities such as bank transfer confirmations, suspicious account activities, verification of the account, etc.

Feedback/survey calls

Launch conversational surveys that understand free-text and modify the survey flow based on respondent sentiment for higher CSAT & sharper analysis.

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