Conversational Commerce: Endless Aisle With Conversational AI

Aavi Mathaun

Did you know?

  • Even today, 90% of transactions still occur in physical stores.
  • By 2040, 95% of purchasing will be backed by e-commerce.
  • Retailers who adapt and adjust their business models to incorporate digital technologies, re-imagine their customer journeys for the current and future needs, and implement AI solutions are becoming economic Moghuls of tomorrow.
  • With Endless Aisle retailers can increase their revenue, footfall/conversions, reduce operational costs, and a lot more

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Aavi Mathaun

Aavi Mathuan is a marketer, web dev and content creator at Yellow Messenger. Her core interests lie in the space of technology and brand psychology. Her natural affinity towards design, content and storytelling is refreshingly perceptive and insightful. She lives with her happy puppy in Bangalore, India.

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