Why ADApt when you have Yellow?

The world’s leading enterprise-grade conversational AI platform powered by Dynamic AI-agents takes you one step closer to achieving your dream of having delighted customers and happier employees.

Enable omnichannel experiences with state-of-the-art NLP engine, smart analytics & comprehensive support across 100+ languages and 35+ text and voice channels to scale to
new heights!

Global enterprises trust yellow.ai over the rest


“My experience with Yellow.ai
has been wow!”

Rajendra B

Vice President, Enterprise (>1000 employees)

Overcome challenges with the best-in-class partner

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Why Yellow.ai is the preferred partner
by enterprises globally?

Take your pick from Yellow.ai’s vast integration ecosystem

Give your customers the best of automation with seamless integrations with over 100+ industry leading support platforms for a unified and enhanced customer experience.

yellow.ai makes chatbot with AI integration a breeze.

I never thought that having a chatbot integrated into my sitevanswering specific questions of the industry would be so easy; the team at Yellow.ai was so committed that the end result is ut unbelievable.

yellow.ai makes chatbot with AI integration a breeze.

I never thought that having a chatbot integrated into my sitevanswering specific questions of the industry would be so easy; the team at Yellow.ai was so committed that the end result is ut unbelievable.

Apps that we integrate with

Your ONE platform for all CX and EX automation needs

Support your customer and employees needs around the globe, across 35+ text & voice channels, in 120+ languages, 24×7. Improve CSAT by 20% and ESAT by 95% with Yellow.ai’s hyper driven automation platform

Enable smarter B2C interactions with

Give momentum to your organization’s automation journey with Voice AI. Deploy Text & Voice AI to stay ahead of the curve and soar to greatness.

A great hyper-automation CX platform

Yellow.ai have an extremely scalable hyper-automation platform.Me and my largest team have been using this product over last 2 years and found it extremely customizable with ready-to-deploy APIs across multiple technology platforms…

Yellow.ai understand human centric engagements

Flexible pre-sales process, excellent support during POCs, very responsive, commercials are customer outcome focused

Leverage our low code platfrom for easy
onboarding and superior results

Conversations are complex but our user-friendly low-code platform helps users create conversational bots in under 10 clicks which can understand the user’s personality, context & sentiment to respond with empathy & efficiency.

State-of-the-art total experience automation
platform to smash those business objectives

Robust and data-efficient NLP engine

Proprietary NLP Engine with self-learning loop & sentence embeddings that make your bots Language-Intelligent, ensuring laser sharp accuracy. Continous deep learning enables to create the perfect ‘Human + AI’ platform.


Boost your agent productivity

Give your agents more power and context to past queries with features such as automated contact creation and AI-powered response suggestions to help answer queries quickly. In-built complex SLA and escalation mechanisms ensure that no ticket goes unanswered.


Industry agnostic and strength across industries

The Yellow.ai platform is industry and function-agnostic, thereby supporting any conversational AI scenario. The platform has seen specific use cases and value addition opportunities in over 16 industries ranging from Banking, Retail to QSRs and Pharma.


Reap accuracy benefits from Go-Live!

Once trained in English, Yellow.ai’s Dynamic AI agents,
will process requests in 100+ languages ​​without additional training. The NLP engine behind this provides pinpoint resolution with 98% accuracy in real time.


Yellow.ai vs. Ada.cx: Competitive Comparison

Key featureYellow.aiAda
Omni-channel and Omni-platform
Web and Mobile App SDKs Yes Yes
Messaging platforms support (Whatsapp & FB Messenger, Google RCS etc.,) Yes Google RCS
not available
Voice Platforms support (Alexa, Google Assistant etc.,) Yes Yes
Email support Yes No
IVR support Yes No
SMS support Yes Yes
Advanced NLP and ML Capabilities
Document Cognition (Search across thousands of documents) Yes No
Multiple Bot Orchestrator Yes No
Smalltalk and generic responses Yes Yes
Multiple intent training and recognition Yes Yes
Pre-built training models for common domains Yes Yes
Integrated cognitive Support desk and Agent routing Yes No
Configurable alerts and Notifications based on customer messages Yes No
Integrated audience segmentation Yes Yes
Batch triggered Test automation that generates report outputs with complete logs of all API calls and request chains. Yes Yes
Native support for local Languages in SEA Yes ( 55+ languages) Yes
Deliver documents within messages Yes Yes
Send messages via push notifications Yes Yes
Enterprise-Grade Security, Compliance and Administration
Full in-premise deployment Yes No
Analytics to give real-time analytics into bot usage Yes Yes
Customizable MIS reporting and analytics Yes Yes
Customer-bot connector : Unlock systems of record with an agent that runs behind your enterprise firewall and facilitates secure data exchanges between on-premise systems and bot’s cloud-based infrastructure Yes No
Integrated Content management system Yes Yes
Image processing and OCR for unstructured documents , Document Cognition Yes No
Build and Test Bots
Easily format chatbot responses as images, cards, quick options, etc. Yes Yes
Developers can co-develop bots and share bot editing rights with multiple
user and group-level permissions.
Yes) No
Batch triggered Test automation that generates report outputs with complete
logs of all API calls and request chains.
Yes No
Manage bots, determine bot and task availability, configure deployment
channels, and more from a centralized admin console
Yes Yes

Disclaimer: Based on information available on the Ada website.

1000+ happy customers and counting

“The Yellow.ai’s conversational BOT helps in successfully responding to more than 100K customer queries a month saving more than 10000 agent- hours/month.”

Ananth Prakash

Project Director

“Our bot helps in successfully responding to 28K customer queries a month and saving nearly 2K hours/month. The bot has fulfilled 10K personal shopper requests and 2K beauty advisor requests, delighting our customers.”

Ishita Sharma

Project Director

“The Domino’s web bot helps in successfully fulfilling more than 280K customer post order queries a month saving nearly 30K hours/month.”

Pranshu Rastogi

Business Unit Head

“Dottie catered to 200K+ travelers and successfully responded to ~704K customer queries every month thereby reducing call volume to our contact center by ~15%.”

Rishabh Ranjan Pathak

Lead, Digital

“Yellow.ai chatbot has helped lower 25,000 calls coming into our call centres every month.”

Eric Hansen


“The Urja Bot helped us automate 7M conversations, generating 500K LPG bookings per month.”

Strategic Initiative team

“We are glad to be able to partner with like minded vendors who strongly believe in seamless customer experience while uplifting operational efficiency. We are able to handle double the volume with the same team size and support our customers with Yellow.ai’s chatbot.”

Kannan Rajaratnam

Customer Experience and epayments Director, Southeast Asia, Zalora

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