Free omni-channel chatbot to empower businesses that are helping people during the COVID-19 crisis. If you are helping people overcome during these unprecedented times, we’re here to help you. No questions asked.

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Who can leverage this service?

You could be a hospital, an NGO, a grocery store or simply a voluntary organization that has decided to reach out and do their part in helping the world come out from the current crisis.

All you need to do is, let us know how your business is contributing towards helping people during this crisis by filling the form below and we’ll enable you to reach out and support the masses free of cost.

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free omnichannel chatbot

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Let us know how your business is contributing during the COVID-19 crisis.

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Are there any hidden charges/ minimum content

None, this is a CSR initiative focused on empowering to help the ones in need.

How long will chatbot be for free ?

As long as it takes for the situation to get better in India.

What is the policy of pharmacies leveraging WhatsApp to provide medical help ?

None, this is a CSR initiative focused on empowering to help the ones in need.

Who will build the chatbot ?

We understand how strained our medical facilities and staff are right now. Yellow.ai will be building the critical Covid-19 help related use-cases.

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Free omnichannel chatbot to
empower businesses fight COVID-19