Smarter Bots, Go Live Faster Unveiling the Next Big Step in Conversational AI

For the conversational AI platform to function at its best, the platform requires substantial NLP training to understand users’ intent and have human-like conversations. This NLP model training is a manual, time-consuming, complex, and error-prone process. DynamicNLP™ is the first-to-market innovation in the enterprise conversational AI space to completely eliminate the need of training the NLP model. This means that enterprises can now directly set up the conversation flows within minutes and not weeks, to go live faster as there is no need to manually feed the training data.

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What will you learn?

Key challenges faced by enterprises in manually training the NLP model

How DynamicNLP™ can help bypass the tedious NLP model training

How to achieve unrivaled
high intent accuracy of
97% and above

Go live in minutes by reducing months of effort along with lower operational costs

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C-level executives

Business leaders

Enterprise architects

AI/ML/RPA engineers

Automation consultants

About Speakers

Anirudh Shenoy

Senior Product Manager – Conversation Studio & NLP,

Anirudh is currently driving the development of no-code/low-code bot builder platform all the way from discovery to roadmap planning and execution for conversational AI platform. He is extremely passionate about working on AI/ML based cutting edge technologies like AutoML, Synthetic data generation, automatic data labeling, language modeling and more to provide both a seamless onboarding experience for our customers and continued learning post go-live.

Disha Thakkar

Senior Product Marketing Manager,

Disha has 10+ years of experience in Product Marketing, and Product Management. Her strength lies in knowing the exact needs of the customers to provide them with the best-in-class suite of products. She specializes in creating effective product launch strategies with clear messaging and positioning for the product. She has a keen interest in upcoming technology trends in the field of DevOps, test automation, test management, and CI/CD orchestration.

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