Automate Your Support Calls with Human-Like Voice Bots

Give a conversational makeover to your existing IVR and PBX systems by integrating them with intelligent voice agents.

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Voice bot Solution for Enterprises


Trigger outbound calls for bill payment reminders, due dates or offer regular advice and recommendations to customers for better money management.


Automate claim handling, policy purchase and recommend the right insurance product based on customer’s needs.


Provide information about different diseases’ symptoms, assessments of overall health and track patient progress or schedule appointments.

Travel and Hospitality

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Act as personal travel assistants to help customers book flights and hotels, provide budget-based options for travel, and introduce packages and campaigns.


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Schedule interviews, gather candidate details or notify applicants about interview procedures and significant dates.


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Automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks by enabling self-service and reduce the number of calls and queries received on a daily basis.



Queries self-served



Increase in agent



Reduction in
operational costs

Benefits of AI-powered Voice Bots

Reduce customer effort and save agents’ time

61% of customers do not prefer switching between channels to communicate with a brand. When customers can solve their problems easily over call, they will feel more content and happy with your brand. Voice bots can handle upto 80% of customer queries without human intervention. Thereby, enabling agents to focus on more complex tasks.

Improve FCR with natural conversations

Voice bots can be given any tonality and pitch of voice so that the client feels comfortable in communicating with them. Additionally, the voice bots can handle multiple customers at the same time. Thus, providing real-time solutions to customers’ problems without making them wait for long.

Consistent Support for Better CX

Not all customers like to engage with human agents for routine issues. Since bots are not overpowered by emotions and they never get tired, they provide consistent support all day, everyday without a break. With voicebots, human-like support is just a call away.

Improve Conversions with Data

WhatsApp bots are effective at upselling, cross-selling and generally recommending products because they can leverage their previous interactions with the customers to personalize the suggestions.

Experience the next-gen calling with multi-lingual voice bots.
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Why is the choice of leading brands?

Feature-rich Voice AI solutions for global enterprises.

Contextual conversations

Passing meta-information to the Human agent to to avoid repetitive collection of user information already collected by the bot and to pass on the necessary disposition already identified by the bot to ensure that the conversation with the Agent starts with the right context.

Plug and play call center integration

Our voice AI solution comes with ready connectors for SIP integrations that facilitate a quicker and faster go-to-market strategy. All you have to do is just plug and play.

Accurate speech analytics

Fast, accurate transcription from millions of conversations will help visualize the complete process of the user journey to provide actionable insights on improving customer relations & satisfaction.

Advanced voice identification

With the speaker identification capability, you can identify the speaker & authenticate a person by recognising the voice/passphrases in real-time for secure communications.

Seamless live agent handover

Based on predefined fallback rules, our voice bots are equipped to understand the intent and make the switch to a live agent – on the customer’s request if the bot was unable to answer the query and in situations of distress.

Sentiment and intent analysis

To enable a successful transition to automation, voice bots will recognize customer intent and mood for adapting to different scenarios. It will not only identify keywords, but also understand the use of similar words in different contexts.


A voice bot connected with your CRM can access customer data like purchase history, preferences and past feedback. This empowers the bot to offer personalized suggestions and understand the likely reason for the call.

Pause and listen ability

This feature makes AI-powered voice bots stand apart from traditional IVR bots. Intelligent voice bots have the ability to be good listeners. They can pause and let the customers talk about their problems, before presenting them suitable solutions.

Learn and adapt feature

How often do we humans misunderstand each other’s words? It’s only normal for bots to take time to understand the nuances of human speech. An NLP-powered bot keeps continuously learning from previous conversations and adapting to newer ones.

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