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Travel & Tourism


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Use Cases

Itinerary planning, modify booking, cancellation and refund, live agent support


Limited agent capacity to handle high volume queries on travel planning and post booking queries.

Pelago, an innovative travel experience platform established by the Singapore Airlines Group, wanted to reduce the collective workload of travel agents at Pelago. Their objective was to automate assistance for customers throughout the booking process from itinerary planning to post booking enquiries, thereby minimizing human involvement and reducing operational costs.

Solution: Generative AI-powered travel assistant


Goal-based customer interaction

Leveraging Generative AI and helped the client deploy goal-based conversations with chatbots for travel planning. Pelago’s chatbots built on multi-LLMs go beyond static conversational flows to dynamically adjust to the changing context of the conversation to give personalized, near-human planning experiences solving both deterministic use cases like “Cancel my booking” and all open ended enquiries like “Plan four day trip to Bali with young kids where we minimize internal transportation”.


Omnichannel customer service deployed Dynamic AI agent on multiple digital channels, capable of understanding customer queries and responding with high accuracy for tasks such as bookings, cancellations, retrieving vouchers or tickets, live agent support, and addressing any issues or queries related to Pelago or the travel domain.


Zendesk integration
for improved agent productivity

By integrating the platform with Zendesk, all tickets raised by support agents are automatically updated on the client’s Zendesk system, leading to greater visibility into agent performance. Agents are now able to provide more personalized resolutions over chat while prioritizing critical tasks.


Data driven insights

Pelago has easy access to live dashboards, analytics widgets and data visualization tools providing key insights into customer journeys, to further personalize recommendations to create memorable travel experiences.


Deflection rate



product enquiries

High adoption



users onboarded within
6 weeks of going live

High volumes handled



messages exchanged monthly
with the Gen AI powered bot

“Pelago is committed to offering world class digital travel experiences by connecting consumers to global and local cultures with hassle free service delivery. By leveraging’s Dynamic Automation Platform, and Generative AI technology we are able to provide 24/7 customer support with minimal human involvement, and greatly boost agent productivity for routine queries. 

Generative AI allows us to offer personalized travel recommendations on our digital channels with human-like interactions while analyzing user preferences and historical data to suggest destinations, accommodations, and activities tailored to individual travelers’ tastes, enhancing the overall travel experience.”

Mr. Pawan Darda
Chief Technology Officer, Pelago

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