3 mins read unveils industry-first Orchestrator LLM : Contextual customer conversations with zero training

Updated: June 06, 2024 unveils industry-first Orchestrator LLM : Contextual customer conversations with zero training unveils industry-first Orchestrator LLM : Contextual customer conversations with zero training

In today’s digital age, customer service isn’t just about providing answers; it’s about meaningful conversations that can adapt based on a user’s request. Conventional chatbot models fall short when it comes to retaining context and this results in poor quality of conversations. 

Introducing Orchestrator LLM – an industry-first Generative AI-powered agent model with zero training, which adapts to the changing context of a user conversation, ensuring a smooth customer experience.


Redefining customer service with Orchestrator LLM’s Orchestrator LLM sets a new standard in customer service by analyzing the entire conversation and retaining customer context; putting an end to any abrupt conversation endings.

Contextual responses, zero training:

No more training bots with endless lists of utterances and intents. Orchestrator LLM understands entire customer conversations, retains context to drive towards the main goal of each query. By recognizing multiple intents and triggering the right conversational flow or tool, it delivers contextual responses effortlessly.

Seamless context switching for dynamic conversations:

Unlike traditional FAQ bots, Orchestrator LLM has a memory window that retains past interactions. This allows it to switch contexts, engage in small talk, and loop back to the original query, ensuring an uninterrupted user experience and a remarkable 60% improvement in CSAT.

Quick integration with your tech stack:

Orchestrator LLM’s adaptability extends to its effortless integration with your existing systems, including CRM, ERP systems, APIs, and knowledge bases. By streamlining processes and workflows, it reduces operational costs by 60% and provides real-time, accurate information.

Proactive omni-channel customer support:

Orchestrator LLM suggests the best possible solutions based on customer needs and loops in a human agent when necessary. It ensures that customers receive the most appropriate responses across channels, whether it’s text, voice, or email.

“With the launch of Orchestrator LLM, is at the forefront of revolutionizing customer service with AI. This innovative model prioritizes comprehensive user context, overcoming the limitations of current models. Orchestrator LLM not only understands user intent but orchestrates seamless interactions across multiple goals, ensuring an unparalleled user-centric experience.”

– Jaya Kishore Reddy, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder,

What customers had to say about Orchestrator LLM

“Orchestrator LLM can truly revolutionize the customer service industry.Its ability to anticipate customer needs and deliver instant, relevant responses will boost customer loyalty and operational efficiency.”

Eric Hansen, CIO, Waste Connections

“ has been a leading player in enabling businesses to drive accurate, human-like conversations, and their latest feature – Orchestrator LLM – is a testament to this. By understanding the complete context and deciding the next course of action based on a user’s request, it truly changes the way chatbots can converse with users.

 – Jessica Osborn, Randstad

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