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Create goal-oriented campaigns instantly, powered by YellowG zero setup

Updated: June 06, 2024
Create goal-oriented campaigns instantly, powered by YellowG zero setup
Create goal-oriented campaigns instantly, powered by YellowG zero setup

YellowG’s zero setup for smart campaigns

A few months back, we launched YellowG’s revolutionary zero setup experience, powered by Generative AI. With zero setup, businesses can roll out AI-powered bots in seconds, as opposed to days.

We’re taking it a step further by enhancing YellowG’s zero setup for smart campaigns. Gone are the days of manually creating campaign workflows, spending time creating content that may not be relevant or having robotic conversations with customers. 

With our campaign assistant, it now takes less than a few minutes to build a goal-oriented campaign tailored to a customer’s interests. The smart campaigns generated ensure a smooth conversational experience by maintaining the context of each customer interaction. 

How to deploy smart campaigns in minutes!

Simply enter the prompt for the kind of campaign you’d like to run and interact with the campaign bot on the website.

  1. Highlight the goal: Is it for promoting a product, sending payment reminders, or is it to get customer feedback? 
  1. Choose the communication channel on which the campaign should be run. This feature is available on WhatsApp, and soon we will be rolling it out for text messages.

Click on Generate to see the campaign assistant bot live in action. Interact with the bot directly from the website. 


There’s also an option to provide your contact number, if you’d like to send this campaign on your phone and test this experience on WhatsApp. Additionally, you can broaden the campaign to up to six other users.

In order to customize or edit the campaign workflow, sign up or log in to the platform. Using the drag-and-drop builder on the platform, you can add channels, change the messaging, edit actions based on user behavior and more. 


By simplifying the campaign creation process and saving time on creating content, YellowG Zero Setup makes it easier for teams to create powerful conversational campaigns to deliver exceptional customer experience.

  • Go to market faster with zero setup bot deployment 
  • Improve customer engagement by 60% with personalized and human-like conversations
  • Deliver faster response times to customers via our in-house LLM

Don’t miss out on the YellowG Zero Setup for campaigns


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