Say goodbye to poor CX with Orchestrator LLM

Introducing Orchestrator LLM: Contextual Conversations, Zero Training

Have meaningful customer conversations by adapting to changing context with our industry- first Generative AI powered agent model and improve CSAT by 60%


Why choose Orchestrator LLM to redefine customer service?

Contextual responses, zero training

With zero training or complex setup, Orchestrator LLM accurately identifies multiple intents, retains context and directs users towards the primary goal of the conversation.

Boost customer engagement with human-like conversations

Orchestrator LLM retains the knowledge of past interactions to have human-like conversations that can adapt to changing customer context, improving CSAT by 60%

Achieve high operational excellence

Cut support costs by 60%, by integrating with existing tech stack, and achieve up to 90% automation in handling queries.

Orchestrator LLM architecture

Refine customer interactions, no training required

No more training bots with utterances and intents. Orchestrator LLM understands the whole customer conversation, retains context and drives towards the main goal of a customer’s query.

  • Recognizes multiple intents, decides which conversational flow or tool needs to be triggered.
  • Integrates with’s customer data platform to deliver contextual responses

Seamless context switching for dynamic conversations

Unlike a normal FAQ bot that simply answers queries, Orchestrator LLM has a memory window which retains the knowledge of past interactions to loop back to the original query, enabling more wholesome and human-like conversations

  • Manages shifts in conversation easily by switching context and engages in small talk, without losing sight of the original goal of  the conversation
  • Ensures an uninterrupted user experience, improving CSAT by 60%

Hassle-free integration with tech stack

Orchestrator LLM’s adaptability allows for easy integration with existing systems such as CRM, ERP systems, APIs and knowledge bases.

  • Streamlines processes and workflows; reduces operational costs by 60%
  • Provides real-time, accurate information

Proactive omni-channel customer support

Ensures that AI agents relay the most appropriate response across channels, including text, voice and email

  • Suggests the best possible solution based on customer needs
  • Loops in a human-agent depending on the customer’s query

Let be a driving force behind your business success

“ has been a leading player in enabling businesses to drive accurate, human-like conversations and their latest feature – Orchestrator LLM, is a testament to this. By understanding the complete context and deciding the next course of action based on a user’s request, it truly changes the way chatbots can converse with users.”

Jessica Osborn

Sr. Manager, IT Support Services Operations

“Orchestrator LLM can truly revolutionize the customer service industry.Its ability to anticipate customer needs and deliver instant, relevant responses will boost customer loyalty and operational efficiency.”

Eric Hanson

Chief Information Officer

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