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Hyundai boosts revenue and improves customer service with
AI automation


Hyundai Motor India Limited







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Hyundai boosts revenue and improves customer service with
AI automation by


Inefficiencies in handling high customer query volumes on digital platforms with limited agent bandwidth

Hyundai Motor India adapted a digital ecosystem to address a surge in customer queries. A dynamic automation solution was envisaged to create an end-to-end vehicle purchasing platform for new-age customers.



Omnichannel customer service deployed a Dynamic AI agent, capable of understanding customer queries and responding with high accuracy, which was enabled by DynamicNLP, a proprietary NLP engine. Potential new-age customers can explore a wide-range of Hyundai models, choose their favorite variant and even book test-drives at their convenience.

Omnichannel customer service for Hyundai -
Accelerated sales conversion for Hyundai -


Accelerated sales conversion

Using’s ‘Engage’ module for WhatsApp, Hyundai Motor India experienced the highest customer engagement rate across digital CX channels. Hyundai Motor India launched monthly personalized campaigns which helped generate 1 million plus customer impressions. Outbound campaign and automated buying journeys on the AI chatbot, contributed to 1000 plus vehicle sales for Hyundai Motor India.


Improved agent productivity

With’s helpdesk module inbox, agents are now able to provide more personalized resolutions over chat with an average response time of 22 secs.

Improved agent productivity for Hyundai -
Data driven insights for Hyundai -


Data driven insights

Hyundai Motor India has easy access to live dashboards, analytics widgets and data visualization tools providing key insights into customer buying journey. Additionally, HMIL is able to effectively measure performance of outbound and inbound campaigns.


Accelerated sales



car sales via dynamic AI agent (CY2022)

Highest retail conversion



lead to retail conversions

High impact campaigns



user impressions with 14 outbound campaigns

“Hyundai Motor India, is dedicated to using cutting edge AI technology leading to elevated customer satisfaction. By leveraging’s Dynamic Automation Platform, we are able to provide 24/7 customer support, run personalized marketing campaigns, enable lead-gen and boost agent productivity. With, we are providing efficient, cost-effective support and setting a new standard in the industry for customer experience.”

Virat Khullar
Vertical Head – Marketing, Hyundai Motor India

Mr. Virat Khullar, Vertical Head – Marketing, Hyundai Motor India on AI automation with

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