Every HR Superhero
Needs a Dynamic AI Agent

Save unproductive hours spent on repetitive queries, reduce high attrition and enhance the onboarding process with conversational AI.

Deploy AI-powered assistants to deliver enriched employee experiences and boost workplace productivity.

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Why Yellow.ai?

From hiring and onboarding a candidate to employees’ performance management, L&D and payroll, Yellow.ai enables organizations to automate and streamline HR functions for better employee experiences.



Employee queries self-served



Increase in employee productivity



Increase in ESAT

Level up HR workflow with AI

How Mia helps deliver enriched employee experience by automating HR functions

Employee engagement

  • Performance management
  • Gamified surveys and engagement
  • Employee dashboards

Talent acquisition

  • Automated pre-boarding and onboarding
  • Targeted campaigns
  • Candidate FAQs

Employee relations

  • Attendance monitoring
  • Employee exit
  • Payroll management

Bring the magic of employee delight
from start to finish

Recruit the right candidate

While the HR superheroes focus on building the right culture, AI-powered assistant automates transactional tasks like sending targeted ads to potential candidates and answering FAQs on the application process.

Onboard candidates seamlessly

Reduce candidate drop-off rate during the pre-warming period. Let your sidekick manage everything from document submission and background check to dispatching welcome kits. AI-powered sidekicks provide clarity about pre-boarding details making candidates less anxious.

Build a culture of growth

Assemble HR’s AI-powered sidekick to address all the routine employee queries, allowing HR superheroes to focus on high-value activities. Empower your employees to get answers and information quickly, reducing waiting time.

Lead conversations with empathy

Moving beyond just annual surveys, AI agents with multilingual capabilities make feedback conversational and dynamic in employees’ preferred language to capture the sentiment.

Help employees learn better

Enable seamless integrations with your performance management and L&D tools. Perform skill-gap analysis and build a 360 growth trajectory for your employees with personalized recommendations.

Leverage pre-built integrations

Faster go-to-market with prebuilt
EX templates

Plug & play pre-built modules for specific use-cases from employee onboarding to employee engagement

Faster go-live with pre-existing themes, bot personalities, and conversation designs

Single-click integration with preferred HR systems and communication channels

Transform employee experience by bringing in an AI-powered assistant for your HR superheroes

The most trusted & award-winning AI platform out there.
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