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The Next Big Thing In Advertising: Click-to-Whatsapp

March 29, 2020  •  5 minute read

WhatsApp Business API was released in 2018. And in under one year, it’s reimagining interactions between enterprises and their customers. Globally, marketers have been eagerly waiting to explore what business messaging can do for them. Though 3 Million enterprises have access to WhatsApp Business account (99firms), they are wondering how to use it intelligently, beyond just having a blue tick.

Among the different messengers available, it is no wonder Whatsapp ranks first! It has the highest number of monthly active users. The following graph represents the different channels and the number of monthly active users (in millions) (Statista) 

Through the last decade, customer experience has taken its seat at the core of many enterprises. And there are many key tenets of providing excellent Customer Experience. Great Customer Experience, among many things, should be delightfulinstantscalableaccessible and personalised. However, the current system is broken, asynchronous, unavailable, restrictive and impersonal.

Messaging is uniquely positioned to leverage AI and transform Customer Experience

With WhatsApp, marketers can break away from the current system and switch to the system of the future, where the Customer is King.

3 ways Conversational AI can help marketers deliver leads and conversions:

1. Smart Lead Generation: Click-to WhatsApp from Ads & QR Codes.

All that your customers have to do is click the link or scan the QR code to get redirected to your Whatsapp Business account. It is as simple as that and appears quite futuristic too. 

Scan your way to better lead generation

QR codes are everywhere. Open any app or payment gateway and the first thing that catches your attention would be the QR code. However, why are they so popular? 

  • QR codes get the job done quicker 
  • It’s hassle-free – no more filling up details. 

According to a survey, in the year 2018, 8.9 Million households in the US were scanning QR codes for basic activities such as downloading apps, reaching out to customer service, purchasing goods, and accessing WiFi. And it is believed that the stats are prone to increase with passing years. (Statista) 

Fun Fact: QR codes are no more the same old boring black and white images, they can now be customized to resemble your business tone and culture vibe. 

We understand how it can constructively improve your business. Convenience means a lot to customers and what could be better than a QR code? This factor makes it a no-brainer for obtaining customers’ phone numbers. Evidently, a triumph for the sales department! 

Conversations are just a click away – Land on Whatsapp chat

On average, a person is exposed to 4,000 advertisements per day (Forbes). This means that your customers would have already come across thousands of advertisements on Google and Facebook ads. The same old link that redirects them to the company’s website’s landing page. 

Stand out from the crowd and redirect your end-users to a conversational channel like Whatsapp. Conversations regarding your products are always better than having your customers staring at monotonous web pages, where they have to navigate link after link to find something that interests them. 

2. Real-time Engagement:

It is one quality that has enough power to set you apart from your competitors. So, wait not! Grab the opportunity to enhance your customers’ experience in every single ad they click or every single code they scan.  Personalized ads that can lead to two-way conversations are really effective to build brand trust. It serves as an indicator that you value your relationship with your customers. Providing a link to your contact number right in your advertisement takes your connection to the second wave of participation. 

3. Insightful Sales:

The most important element in marketing zooms down to sales. Reports drive insightful sales and what are data unless they’re analyzed and sorted into meaningful collaterals! You can monitor usage statistics such as the traffic generated, conversion rates, and page post engagements by linking your Whatsapp Business account with Google and Facebook ads. We understand that contacts are the linchpin of acquiring leads and one of the easiest methods out there is nothing but click-to-Whatsapp ads in Google and Facebook. Conversations provide authenticity despite being an advertisement, which in turn helps you capture leads with ease.

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