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Economise business operations and meet customer support needs with voice AI

Updated: January 05, 2022
Economise business operations and meet customer support needs with voice AI
Economise business operations and meet customer support needs with voice AI

AI powered Voice Bots are taking the world by storm. The “new normal” we are experiencing has further made us dependent on them. Extensive developments in AI (Artificial Intelligence) has enabled Chatbots to become hyper-personalized and take up repetitive tasks from human agents, freeing up their time to focus on core business operations.

According to Gartner, these extensive developments are paving way for Advanced Virtual Assistants to support more natural human-machine interactions via multimodal interfaces, processing input not only as text or voice, but also via graphics, tables, video and gaze

The Gartner report also states that by 2025, multimodal interactions will be a standard feature for VAs, up from less than 2% in 2021.

Why the shift to voice chatbots?

The seed for voice chatbots were sown when the Google Assistants, Cortanas, Siris and Alexas of the world began to dominate voice driven searches and the “new normal” only accelerated that need. AI powered Voice bots are seeing increased deployment in industries (but not limited to) such as BFSI, Healthcare, Retail, QSR to build a “hyper-personalized” relationship with prospective/existing customers and the pandemic scenario that we are currently living in is also channeling customers to interact via telephony systems for daily routine queries/transactions.

Businesses are now adopting a voice-first strategy to effortlessly carry out voice-related activities (like ordering, payments, query resolutions, information gathering etc.), economize business operations and efficiently meet customer demands.

What does this mean for customers:

  1. The 24×7 availability means customers are able to resolve queries at a moment’s notice.
  2. Voice bots appeal to the emotions, instincts and intents of the customer thereby making them feel that the bot understands their query/issue – thereby bringing in the “human” element of having a “voice” interact with them.
  3. Creates a more delightful and integrated experience.
  4. No physical touch involved, which is godsent in these times.

What does this mean for businesses:

  1. Helps in drastically reducing the volume of queries which are directed towards the human workforce, thereby leading to $$$ savings.
  2. Bots translate into multitasking productivity which again leads to $$$ savings.
  3. Conversational AI bots help deliver substantial ROI on minimal investments.

Why choose Yellow.ai for your voice automation needs?

Yellow.ai, the world’s leading conversational AI platform, is building & deploying capabilities to reimagine conversation designs and NLP training for voice, Voice Understanding (Speech to Text), Voice Personas (Text to Speech), response generation (tone, emotions, etc.), Hand-off feature across channels to provide omni-channel & route to async channels (Chat, Email, etc.) from voice (sync).

Not only that, but we also cover all use cases that an enterprise might need today and tomorrow, across voice and text channels like WhatsApp, Google Business Messages, Apple Chat, Instagram, Messenger, Viber, WeChat, Alexa, Telephony etc, in 100+ languages out of the box, making us a compelling partner of choice.

Take a sneak peek into our Voice automation capabilities here

7 Capabilities That Should Make Yellow.ai The Right Choice For Your Business

  1. Enable end-to-end voice conversations on telephony systems across languages of your choice!
  2. Handles contextual questions, understands the voice entities being called out and parses them out in Natural Language for effective routing as per defined workflows. 
  3. Effective integration with backend systems & channels for smooth conversation experience.
  4. Configurable voice bot workflows and associated channels on our easy to use low code/no code platform builder.
  5. Configurable voice settings on the UI such as language to be used, text to be shown, voice to be used, pitch to be used etc.
  6. Usage of In-house Acoustical Model for voice parsing for intents & entities to improve accuracy of the responses.
  7. Usage of context management engine for handling out of the box responses where users can ask for actionable items such as reduce speed, repeat sentence, greetings etc and responses can be triggered accordingly. 

    Yellow.ai’s AI-powered Voice Automation & Voice Assistant Capabilities are making it extremely easy for organizations to make better decisions more quickly, operate more efficiently, and create experiences that keep their customers and employees engaged.
    Ready to experience a Voice-first approach to your business?
    Talk to our experts today to find a Voice Bot solution that works for you!

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