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Learn how your users are interacting with your chatbot with user journey visualiser

Chatbots have evolved from being simple FAQ answering portals to now being able to successfully hold natural, humanistic conversations. It’s important that chatbots act as a layer of conversation & help businesses in building & improving their processes & systems. How can we do that? With user journey visualisation - Giving businesses visibility into how their users are moving inside the bot, what are they talking about & why, where they are dropping off, and what intents they are triggering during the user lifecycle.

Everything you need to know about WhatsApp for Business - Free Guidebook

Over 5 million business users take precedence of this popular messaging platform today. Facebook expanded their platform to include a business application which is an OTT (over-the-top) chat app that brings the functionality & convenience of personal messaging to customer communications. OTT messaging apps are third-party alternatives to that. WhatsApp Business can be used in conjunction with other mobile channels. This makes WhatsApp for Business an indispensable element of a successful omnichannel marketing strategy. Read our guidebook to see how WhatsApp can help enhance CX for your business.

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Humanistic outbound voice campaign

Our cutting edge Voice AI campaign offers an automation-first strategy with 60% automation completed in first 30 days, AI with human support in the loop, industry focused custom voice models, human transfer for critical queries & a lot more exciting features! launches Email Ticketing Automation to its Omnichannel Helpdesk! is proud to launch the power of Automated Customer Support, even to Email Tickets. With an automation-first approach, the enterprises leveraging our platform, will now be able to view and resolve queries from across channels (web, apps, social media, email, voice), all in one place - INBOX.


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One of the World’s Largest Gaming Organization


Bot accuracy

Just after deployment, the bot accuracy is 90.1% right off the bat and the accuracy increases with every conversation.

Increased Users

Since the bot went live, 3.5 lakh+ new users come to the app for games every month

Deflection Rate

User queries that are deflected are increasing per month, current deflection rate is 13.5%


The chatbot offers all kinds of mobile games such as Rummy, Cricket, Fantasy Sports, and more! They are available to play in over 10 languages such as English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Bhojpuri, etc.

Brands joining



Watch retail giants like Dominos, Adidas, JD.ID, Bestseller, Instagram, and more all come under one roof to share their insights on how to use AI to increase sales & improve CX this festive season

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