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We're kicking off our Limelight Series where we focus on customer success delivered by the best of Humans and AI together. Read on to see how India's most historic public sector organisations - BPCL - is truly embracing digital transformation with

A story of scale and agility

The 2nd largest OMC (Oil Marketing Company) in India, BPCL* clocks $40 Billion in Revenue, and contributes to 15% of India’s refining capacity

The corporation manages the end-to-end energy value chain in the country, catering to the fuel requirements of 8,000 industries, and providing a range of products and services to their 100+ million customers

Catering to a diverse customer base consisting of fleet owners, households and operating a distribution network of 18,000 retail outlets, BPCL’s model is an astounding example of thriving in high scale and complexity

The company’s unwavering focus on digital transformation, and its adoption of cutting edge technology helps them, not only do business, but excel at it


Digital Transformation in focus

Digital transformation has been a priority for the company, with various initiatives being deployed over the years - A recent example being Urja, a digital AI-powered platform that was launched recently by BPCL to integrate real-time data from across their country-wide network. Urja triggers automated alerts and actions, including rapid response to equipment failure or hazardous situations.


BPCL’s level of scale and operating complexity brings with it, the critical challenge of providing meaningful customer experiences in a seamless manner

Transformative growth

By leveraging AI to further strengthen their digital transformation initiatives, BPCL partnered with in successfully engaging their wide and diverse customer base.

As part of our engagement, BPCL leveraged platform to support 15+ languages that enable their customers across the country to book gas cylinders, as well as a wide range of oil and gas products

In addition to this, the platform helps AI-power their entire Customer Support, Sales and Loyalty Programs across all verticals in order to enhance resource-efficiency in the organization. BPCL’s Urja is also integrated with the platform to drive notification services at scale

Listen in to Urja’s journey at BPCL


Major highlights

Improved bookings

80K LPG bookings being recorded per day with over 850k platform users in past 4 weeks (Website and Whatsapp)

Customer engagement

7 Million conversations per month > 99% accuracy +71 NPS

Lead generation

10k leads generated in 6 months for the Industrial & Commercial and Lubricants business


*All data as of July 2021

Enabling organisations to succeed in the presence of high degrees of scale and complexity is one of the many areas where AI-based engagement truly shines. As BPCL scales and achieves greater ambitions each year, we have no doubt that meaningful customer engagement is an aspect they can confidently bank on

Stay tuned for more posts from our Limelight series where we bring to centre-stage, global organizations from different industries, that are pushing boundaries and embracing technology to redefine excellence in their fields.