John Keats talks about the richness that Autumn brings on to everything that was once sown and nourished with sweat and blood. This fall it chose us to bestow its touch of gold, a whopping 78.15M$ in Series financing! Much yaaay!!
Hello everyone, Frey this side. I am here again to tell you about all that's happening on my home ground, From a thunderous fundraiser, the launch of our in-house LMS to snippets of biggest deals this quarter, I have curated for you just the right kind of 'news' along with your Monday morning coffee or Friday noon beer, whatever pleases you. Relax and read on!
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Leaderboard Rhetoric

Neil Barman
From envisioning a world with efficient customer support services to fiercely driving AI+ Human based conversations globally while positively impacting both businesses and customer satisfaction, has certainly come a long long way. And now with the Series C Funding in our bankroll, we are all set to fuel our ambition of global CX domination. But before everything, here's raising a toast to our esteemed partners for their continued support in this journey. Cheers to climbing newer heights together!

Partner LMS


In our bid to further enable those who enable us, we are excited to launch's exclusive LMS platform for partners. We welcome our partners to go ahead and explore the world of, learn seamlessly across platforms, get certified, and strive to be their best with the leaderboard. The better YOU know us, the better the world will know of US.

What's HOT with the BOT
Do you know that combining bot forces with other forces can cumulate the power of superbots? #strongertogether holds good in the bot world too yeah! Here's what's in the bot menu for the month -

One click integration with Salesforce

Read more about how enterprises can make customer relationship management a cakewalk.

Learn more:

Announcing + Twilio for efficient Lead Segmentation

Get to know more how businesses can enable their sales team to significantly optimise their lead nurturing strategy.

Learn more:

Proudly presenting Rakuten Viber's Messaging Automation with

How your business can leverage from this partnership.

Learn more:

Between the Bots
In this month's war of cognizance, find out why over 20+ brands have switched from Haptik to The verdict is out and clear - our trust game is unbeatable! vs

Bot Story of the Month
Learn how Bharat Petroleum transformed its CX by responding to users in over 13 languages, and led to $10M in sales within 1st week of operations with here:

yellowAI's Bulletin by Frey
And in this month's global roundup, here's all the exciting noise my home ground is making around the globe. I am one proud superscribe yeah! debuted as a Major Contender in Everest Group Conversational AI Products PEAK Matrix Assessment 2021 among 20 leading Conversational AI technology vendors bags the Frost & Sullivan 2021 Middle East and South Asia Conversational Artificial Intelligence Market Technology Innovation Leadership Award

Voice of Victory
DCS, a leading provider of data capture-based business solutions in the MEA market, partners with and goes on to onboard one of USA's largest supermarket chain. Watch this winning deal's story here  

yellowAI's Partners Lounge

They are therefore I am! So let me take the privilege to introduce you to our PARTNERS, our stakeholders, mutual beneficiaries or to simply put, to the 'supers' to our 'power'. For the cumulative expertise and market sense that the partners bring onto the table, it's only wiser to get enriched through conversations by and around them.

What better way to begin this journey than doing a:


Partner in Spotlight

Ecobillz's highly efficient digital invoicing system is now ably supported by yellowAI's conversational commerce solutions. Together we are all set to redefine value-based customer engagement in the hospitality sector.

Being a multi-faceted IT services company, we are constantly trying to push the boundaries of our clients' digital presence. yellow.AI's trailblazing NLP powered conversational AI is a spot-on addition to our service portfolio which will go on to create a striking digital impact for our global clients.

We at yellowAI are here to change the face of your business for the best, one bot at a time!

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