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Yellow.ai’s Bot Cloning Feature

Published: August 14, 2020
Updated: September 10, 2023
Yellow.ai’s Bot Cloning Feature

Imagine. You are launching a new business in your town. A small consumer brand with products made specifically for vegans. It’s the first of its kind in your town, so the sales go up rapidly given that there was tremendous demand. Soon enough, you realise that customer support needs attention as a business function because the users are increasing and live agent support isn’t as scalable or affordable as automation. Therefore, you get customer support automation and deploy virtual assistants that handle millions of queries of your users on a real-time basis. They can now just talk to your brand’s WhatsApp chatbot and place grievances about the products.

The data that is collected because of these million interactions with users is valuable. It can be a way to generate revenue.

How to clone a bot?

The virtual assistant can draw patterns in the data that will allow it to better serve the users. The patterns help chatbots understand the buying behaviour of each user. Using this information, the bot can also offer personalised product suggestions. Or remind the user that they are out of the coconut milk and should soon re-order.

Hmm. For this, you require an e-commerce bot that can handle sales and market or notify about products people might be interested in. However, this time you need the bot to be deployed faster. How would you get a new bot?

Simple. With Yellow.ai’s Bot Cloning Feature.

What Is Bot Cloning?

Every bot we make comprises journeys and utterances.

Journey: This suggests the various paths a user can take via the bot. For example, a banking bot can offer several paths – Home loan, credit card, insurance, etc. These are journeys.

Utterances: Utterances are used to understand which journey is to be triggered by the bot and when. Let’s take the following hypothetical conversation to delineate this better.

Me: Can you tell me about Flexible loans?

Bot: Sure! Flexi Loans are the new way of borrowing funds in India, where you get access to a pre-approved loan limit based on your credit rating. Borrow funds whenever you need them and prepay when you have additional funds in hand. 

Me: Thanks. I also need to apply for a credit card. Can you help me with that?

The above statement is an utterance that makes the bot shift the journey from loans to credit card application. It’s response – 

Bot: Certainly. If you have an account with us, please help me with your 10 digit account number. If not, let’s get you started. 


This forms the conversational flow of a bot. Along with the power of deep learning that makes up for the bots heuristic learning. 

Yellow.ai’s Bot Cloning feature allows you to copy all these journeys and utterances of a bot with just one click. You can replicate an existing bot in less than seconds. With just one click of the ‘Clone Bot’ button, you can clone any bot you like. 
In this case where you have an existing customer support bot along with massive data that can facilitate the bot’s deep learning, an e-commerce bot can be made faster since all you need to do is clone this one. The cloned bot can then be modified to be your e-commerce front. Its new journeys could include order placement and tracking along with payments on WhatsApp. 
This is an extremely easy and fast way to automate business functions that are of immediate importance to cut on major costs and save a lot of time.

Benefits of Bot Cloning

  • Easily and speedily deploy bots for various verticals. E.g. Home Loan, Personal Loan, Insurance, etc.
  • Reserve the same tone of voice of the brand across verticals.
  • Rapidly increase support and offerings without increasing overhead.
  • Easy administration and analytics of bots.
  • Helps in Bot orchestration.

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