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‘Intelligent’ Switching in Conversations

Published: March 30, 2021
Updated: September 11, 2023
‘Intelligent’ Switching in Conversations
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Imagine you’re a salesperson at a car showroom, the customer is halfway through booking a demo for a car when they suddenly ask a question between 
“By the way, do I have the option to get an x type of wheel in this car instead of a regular one?” 
What will you do? Answer their question and move them back to Continue completing the form!

In other words, you were in the middle of something, answered a customer question, and resumed back to where you left off. In some cases, you would like to insist a customer complete something before jumping to the other thing. 

This should also be applicable for conversational AI assistants, 
When we call a chatbot ‘intelligent’, that chatbot should also be able to switch back to or persist on conversations that are important to it (From a use case or business perspective) while remembering where it left off. 


On the surface, it seems like a simple thing. But imagine the user experience when bot just because you had a question between filling up the details, bot forgets/does not allow you to resume after everything you filled till now. 
Even if we do not wish to imagine this, imagine a salesperson who cannot get a lead-filled, because end-user keeps asking them questions, and they are too shy to say “Would you like to complete this purchase first?”

Our aim is to create intelligent chatbots, which know what is important for a business/use case, remembers it, and implements the smartest way of handling a conversation. 

We handle ‘switching’ in conversations ‘Intelligently’ 

On the Yellow.ai platform, we call this ‘Intelligent Switching’. 

Let’s see how it works with the help of an example! 

#1. Following is a conversation with a fictional banking assistant Circe from Aiaia bank. While on the way to open a savings account, the user has a few doubts about options. 
Circe smoothly answers the question and allows the user to continue where they left off. 

#2. Let’s think of another scenario. Suppose we are in a crucial conversation, in our example we are on our way to get a lead for a home loan. But the customer (end-user) starts asking unrelated questions. You would still want to answer those, but for such an important stage(where you are a step away from getting a lead), you might like to complete taking details before you talk about other things! 

This is how an intelligent human will handle it, right?

Our capability to make certain conversations (journeys) ‘sticky’ does just that!

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