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Campaign Manager – Helping Re-Engage With Customers And Employees

September 24, 2020  •  7 minute read

When we talk about campaigns, the first thought that comes to our minds is marketing. We’re conditioned to think of campaigns as high budget TV, Radio, Print propaganda. But in the world of Artificial Intelligence and Conversational AI, campaigns have a very different meaning. And are not limited to marketers at all.

What is a campaign manager in a chatbot context?

Have a user you want to re-engage with? Have a priority customer you want to make feel special? An employee that needs to get some personalized attention? Have an org-wide system update to be made? Each of these are mini-campaigns.

As audiences continue migrating to digital platforms, capturing consumers’ attention is becoming even more challenging. And that is where we’re redefining the meaning of campaigns. It’s not one Superbowl campaign we’re looking to launch. Rather, it is everyday small campaigns that count and take your brand to Superbowl.

Department wise use-cases of a campaign manager:

Campaign Manager for Sales & Marketing

With Conversational AI, we’re helping brands discover how personalization pays off. We help brand marketers build new capabilities for successful marketing communication personalization. We believe that personalization should be built on a foundation of solid design and consistent customer experience across all the seller’s touchpoints, starting from a one-to-many approach and migrating to deliver a one-to-one experience, based on what is known about an individual. Personalization is becoming just as relevant for the B2B and consumer buyers as well.

Let’s look at how marketers are using the campaign manager:


Basis actions that are taken by a user on social media, website, chatbot interaction, the campaign manager will help segment users on the basis of behaviour exhibited. Your loyal customer and the one looking for only a good deal, sure need to be treated differently and hence the feature of segmentation comes in very handy.

Personalised targeting at scale:

Personalization is a process that creates a relevant, individualized interaction between two parties designed to enhance the experience of the recipient. It uses insight based on the recipient’s personal data, as well as behavioural data about the actions of similar individuals, to deliver an experience that meets specific needs and preferences.

Will it be good to give a deal seeker the 30% off coupon? Or would you want to give the same coupon to a repeat buyer? Well, that decision is completely up to you. And with our campaign manager, you can set those segments and logic to drive targeting and messaging.

Post-purchase feedback:

Very often marketers only know what is sold and how much is sold. Seldom do they get to hear feedback on their products/services. With survey as a tool in the campaign manager, tracking NPS, product feedback, delivery feedback, everything can be made available for those who dare to know.

Campaign Manager for HR and ITSM Teams

Like we’d established earlier, campaigns is not just limited to marketing in the world of AI and chatbots, we’re bringing the power of launching campaigns to those who power the workforce – our HR and ITSM teams.

Digital personalization engines such as’s Campaign Manager are technology solutions that identify the optimum experience for an individual and will alter the online presentation layer, trigger an automated response, or pass analysis to the team leads or service personnel to act on as deemed fit.

Let’s look at how HR and ITSM Team leads are using the campaign manager:


How is an employee doing in the journey of their tenure at the company? How was their first month or how do they feel completing 10 years, you’ll be surprised to know how much natural language input reaches the HR bots versus HR personnel. When talking to a bot, people don’t have the bias of being judged. And hence we see them pour their heart out.

Mass Notifications:

Want to alert your teams of a certain someone impersonating to be your CEO, asking you to do something (illegal?). Haven’t we all got those emails? The ITSM team can use notifications as their arsenal to keep employees on the same page about such phishing mailers. And even more, update teams with passwords, new system upgrades etc.

Campaign Management @ Yellow Messenger

Now that we understand “What is Campaign Management ?” and “Why does Campaign Management matter ?” From a historical perspective, current perspective, and future perspective. I wanted to share it with you. How do we think about “Campaign Management” here at In a way that is unique and differentiated, and what is the direction we are working towards.

At Yellow Messenger at the core, we are a Cognitive Engagement Platform. We consider engagement to be our fundamental/atomic unit of interest and believe that Cognition is an integral part of every engagement that happens. This has been our guiding philosophy as we have built out our platform and it is no different when it comes to our Campaign Management capabilities. Along with this, our vision for Campaign Management is expansive in-depth and breadth.

Depth and Breadth

Considering the breadth-first, our Campaign Management supports multiple channels for engagement such as Email, SMS, ChatBots, WhatsApp businessetc. and this is the dimension on which we plan to continue to expand on as an organisation.

Coming to the depth, our goal is to build out a platform that is both “Intuitive and Powerful” and guided by this, our current Campaign Management capabilities already show significant depth across major workflows such as :

  • Campaign Planning: With Audience Segmentation
  • Campaign Creation: With Ability to Create Manual and Scheduled Campaigns
  • Campaign Tracking/Monitoring: With Ability to Monitor Key Performance Indicators For Campaigns.

Depth is also where we are heavily focussed on and firmly committed to increasing the depth of our Campaign Management offering. For instance, over the next several months our customers can count on us to deliver deep capabilities on our various channels such “Out of the Box Templates” For WhatsApp Messaging and Expansive Opt-In Capabilities to Maximise the Reach and Opportunities to Engage with end-users at the right time, with the right content.


As exciting as it might be, Depth and Breadth are only one of the dimensions along which we are innovating. The other critical dimension along which we are differentiated is Cognition(We are are a “Cognitive Engagement Platform” after all!).

We have conceived of different “Hierarchical Levels of Cognition” for each of the activation channels within our Campaign Management module. So for instance, an activation channel such as “Web Push Notifications” might be a notch or two lower than an activation channel such as WhatsApp on the “Hierarchical Levels of Cognition” scale, for a lot of factors but to start with simply because WhatsApp enables Bi-Directional Communication over Web Push Notifications which is Uni-Directional for all practical purposes.

You might ask, how do these Hierarchical Levels of Cognition make our Campaign Management Capabilities better than anything that is available out there globally?

Well, to start with, it is a different Philosophy. The one that is based on the Iterative view of cognition rather than a binary view. Let me explain:

A lot of Campaign Management Software in the market today offers the customers a choice between an AI-Based Campaign Manager Vs A Non-AI Based Campaign Manager.

We believe that this binary view of cognition based categorization is fundamentally flawed and offers a false choice to the customers.

On the flip side, Yellow Messenger’s Campaign Management Capabilities offer the customers the best of both worlds and instead of expecting the customers to completely disrupt the way they are currently engaging with their end-users, we meet them where they currently are, but that is not where it ends. Our Campaign Management Capabilities come with an inbuilt path to lead the customers onto the higher levels of the “Hierarchical Levels of Cognition” scale.

So a customer might start off continuing to send Web Push Notifications on Yellow Messenger’s Campaign Management but over time, gradually they can start to engage their end-users over activation channels that are at upper levels of “Hierarchical Levels of Cognition”. All from within the same interface and all happening seamlessly. Just like the way it should be. Intuitive and Powerful.

Become a cognitive enterprise and run campaigns on how they should be. At scale, yet personalized.

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