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Yellow.ai is LinkedIn’s Top Startups to work for in 2020!

Updated: September 10, 2023
Yellow.ai is LinkedIn’s Top Startups to work for in 2020!
Yellow.ai is LinkedIn’s Top Startups to work for in 2020!
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When the going gets tough, the tough get going. The 2020 LinkedIn Top Startups list reveals 10 young companies that have remained resilient during a tumultuous time. And we’re honoured to have found ourselves on that list.

Ever since the outbreak of the global pandemic caused by Covid-19, there’s been a lot of developments at Yellow.ai, which have been trying, testing, and most of all, character-building, for all of us.

Here is a sneak peak of what made us resilient and one of the most sought-after places to work at, against all odds.

#1 Amplify the hustle

There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who talk about their dreams, and those who actually go out and pursue them. Just talking about it won’t get you far – you have to hustle to push yourself forward. Covid-19 gave us the opportunity to talk less, hustle harder. Lesser meetings, more work.
We’re going to keep things this way.

#2 Always be finding the solutions

As a startup, you’ll undoubtedly face different problems. What’s important is, instead of dwelling on the problem, get everybody on board with looking towards the solution.
And boy, there were challenges in remote marketing, selling, delivery, service and development. But like they say, whatever the problem, be a part of the solution.

#3 Customer first always

You can preoccupy yourself with numbers and figures, but when it comes down to it, the real value is in something that nobody can take away from you — incredible service.
This year, we added 4X the customers we had in the last 4 years. Our old customers expanded the scope of chatbots overnight and new customers came raining. We’re blessed to have managed the fort on sales and delivery.

What makes us 1 in 10?

LinkedIn Top Startups is an annual ranking of the emerging startups to work for —
globally. Top Startups is produced by the LinkedIn News team using a combination of proprietary platform data and editorial expertise. In the wake of COVID-19, the 2020 list reflects the current state of the economy and the world, showcasing emerging and resilient startups and how they’re navigating the ever-changing world of work.
Top Startups helps professionals discover companies across a wide range of industries and arms them with the information they need to know before applying for their next job. Bringing our vision of creating economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce to life is more important than ever, and delivering timely and relevant content can help professionals better navigate this landscape.

Yellow.ai under the leadership of Raghu Ravinutala, has been able to achieve greater heights in business process automation using conversational ai and natural language processing. Our services range from WhatsApp for business automation, conversational advertising, Google Business Messaging, conversational commerce, and ai powered chatbots has been able to address concerns of enterprises who want to increase the customer experience, employee engagement and increase the revenue on investment.

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