A sneek-peak of the latest in the world of CX automation Launches INBOX - An Omnichannel Agent Assist Platform for Seamless Customer Support Management's AI-powered automation first approach to handling customer support requests, live-agent handoffs and exception handling is redefining how businesses offer customer support and how customers actually receive the CSAT we’ve all been toying with.

Yellow.AI Launches Dialogue Management - What Is It and How Important Is It for Chatbot Development?

Chatbots have human-like conversational abilities and to generate better user experiences, organizations are working round the clock to make human-bot conversations more humane and believable. With this, chatbots also need to be able to hold the conversation without losing original context. Dialogue management enables chatbots to comprehend contextual communications. Read more to see how’s dialogue management is better.


Exclusive Interview: Co-founder Explains Agent Assist Platform  

Catch the exclusive interview of Rashid Khan, CPO and Co-Founder of where he explains how an integrated omni-channel agent assist platform can help companies improve their CSAT scores by up to 70% and improve their customer experience by up to 83%. The interview talks about INBOX - an omnichannel agent assist dashboard that empowers agents with the information to resolve their requests effectively, efficiently, with accuracy and with greater confidence.

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Whitepaper: Instagram Automation


What Is Instagram Automation and Why Is It a Game Changer for Brands?

Global enterprises are realizing that they need to keep customers engaged to grow their business in a sustainable manner using messaging that matters, crafting messages that engage its recipients on a regular basis on the channel that is most used today - Instagram. Over 81% of people research products on Instagram before making a purchase.

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'We combine the power of human intelligence & AI to deliver customer experience at scale'

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Women and Child Development department under the Government of Maharashtra


New users

Since October 2020, the WhatsApp bot has over 1.3M registered users.

Customer engagement

Upwards of 55 Million messages/ notifications sent on WhatsApp and 2.8 million minutes over IVR.

Omnichannel engagement

Omnichannel engagement across SMS, IVR, WhatsApp & more.


We’re proud to feature the Department of Women & Child Development, Government of Maharashtra in this issue of the November Beat. WCD is dedicated towards promoting the survival, protection, development and welfare of women and children in a holistic manner. WCD has embraced digital transformation on a grand scale by venturing into IVR, incoming phone calls, SMSs, WhatsApp bots and more.

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With more than 1.2 billion active users, Instagram is the 4th most popular social media platform. Instagram Automation increases customer loyalty and makes sales, engagement, and support easy, fast, and effortless, leaving you to be creative with your business savings. Talk to us to understand more. Sign up for a free bot!

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