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February 03, 2023  •  3 minute read is revolutionizing customer service across the globe, by providing on-demand and instant query resolution across customer’s preferred channels and now Genesys customers can leverage’s Omnichannel Connector on AppFoundry to enable delightful experiences for the end user. can integrate with Genesys PureCloud in a few clicks to ensure that customers are directly connected with a live agent and get effective resolutions. Scale your customer support operations with live chat on’s Dynamic Automation Platform.

What can you do with Genesys Integration?

Seamless transfer to agent

Self-serve can help provide quick and effective resolutions to customers but what about complex queries which need a human touch? Enable seamless transfer of calls from dynamic AI agent to human agent for customers queries needing in-depth understanding of issue and resolutions.

Intelligent handover with continued context 

Transfer contextual information and history of conversation with AI agent white transferring the call to human agent to ensure consistent experience and effective resolution.

Omni-channel customer support

Enable seamless transfer to human agents across multiple channels to ensure connected experiences and query resolution over text, mail, voice and more.

How to install the connector from Genesys AppFoundry

Users can install Omnichannel Connector from the Genesys AppFoundry. Listed as a premium app on AppFoundry, Genesys customers can leverage the omnichannel connector to quickly enable agent support over multiple channels and go live. Omnichannel Connector in Genesys App Foundry

How to integrate with Genesys PureCloud

1. Login to platform

2. Launch ‘Integration’ module

3. Search and select ‘Genesys PureCloud’

How to Integrate with Genesys PureCloud

4. Copy following data from Genesys PureCloud 

  1. Host URL
  2. Client ID
  3. Client Secret
  4. Integration ID

5. Click on ‘Connect’

Integrate with Genesys PureCloud

How to add Live Chat on Chatbot

1. Launch ‘Studio’ module
2. Click on ‘Create new flow’
3. Search and import ‘Genesys Cloud’ template 

Adding Live Chat on Chatbot

4. Test the flow, and go live!

Enable live chat for your customers in few easy steps!

Chetan Swain

Chetan has 5+ years of experience in positioning, launching and growing B2B products and services. He has a keen interest in the field of AI automation and has helped both large enterprises and startups drive adoption and sales success. As a product marketer at Yellow, he helps craft messaging and GTM strategies for product modules and vertical solutions.
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