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Here's how you can hire an agent, fluent in 100+ languages!

Did you know that over 70% of customers are more loyal to brands that offer native language support? Enter yellow.ai's Auto Translate feature that enables support agents to translate 100+ languages in real time. Now your support team can handle queries in their preferred language, increasing customer satisfaction while meeting SLAs.

Build custom analytics reports and lead your business to new heights 

Introducing Data explorer !
We spoke to many customers, and realised that the underlying issue is lack of data. To solve this we built a tool that enables you to generate reports, analyse trends, study engagements, segment users based on attributes or other factors & much more, with just a few clicks. It helps accelerate your processes & leads to better, faster decision making as you can perform these analytics in real-time!

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Payment Collection with SETU on WhatsApp

Enable a holistic customer experience on WhatsApp - Introducing in-chat payments on WhatsApp powered by SETU. Learn how our in-chat payment feature ensures faster payment collections in your customers' preferred languages .


We are now available on Viber Business Messages

With over 1.1 billion Viber users worldwide, more than 70 million interactions happen in an hour in over 40 languages. 40% of Viber's revenue comes from its Business API. Meet your audience on Viber , as now yellow.ai enables one click integration on Viber Business Messages.


Analyst Recognition

Emerging Technologies:
Vendor Differentiation Patterns in Virtual Assistant Technologies

Emerging Technologies:
Top Use Cases for Advanced Virtual Assistants in Enterprise Operations

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Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited

Major highlights

Improved bookings

80K LPG bookings being recorded per day with over 850k platform users in past 4 weeks (Website and Whatsapp)


Customer engagement

7 Million conversations per month > 99% accuracy +71 NPS


Lead generation

10k leads generated in 6 months for the Industrial & Commercial and Lubricants business


The 2nd largest OMC (Oil Marketing Company) in India, BPCL clocks $ 40 Billion in Revenue, and contributes to 15% of India’s refining capacity. Learn how BPCl used virtual assistant to achieve transformative growth.

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