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Yellow.ai named leader in the G2 Grid® for bot platforms

Updated: November 07, 2023
Yellow.ai named leader in the G2 Grid® for bot platforms
Yellow.ai named leader in the G2 Grid® for bot platforms

What are bot platforms?

Bot/Virtual Assistant/Conversational platforms are leveraged by enterprises to build conversational user interfaces (UIs), chatbots, and virtual assistants for a variety of use cases, to effectively automate processes and programs, to enrich users (consumer and employee) experience.

Which are the top bot platforms?

Leaders are made at the back of high market presence and delivering extreme customer satisfaction and we’re proud to be 1 of the top 4 global leaders alongside IBM Watson Assistant, ManyChat, and Mindsay. In the top 10, Yellow.ai is named to be winning over TARS, Rulai, Lex, Qualified, and Google Cloud Dialogflow.

Get your hands on the report here.

What makes Yellow.ai a leading bot platform, globally?

For enterprises with large customer/employee base, who need to automate their internal/external communication, and want a consolidated enterprise virtual assistant strategy; Yellow.ai is a conversational AI platform that builds virtual assistants at scale, to positively impact CSAT, NPS, Revenue growth, and Savings. Unlike DIY/vertical chatbot solutions, our platform is for an enterprise looking to scale efficiency in one-to-many areas of business.

Yellow.ai’s core pillars

#1 Product strategy

At Yellow.ai, we quickly evolved from information management to experience management. In doing so, we alongside our clients are able to unlock greater business value through our conversational AI Platform by connecting people, processes, and channels to optimize experiences for customers (internal and external stakeholders.) Some of our key product differentiators are:

  • Data-efficient NLP engine
  • Deep-learning based enterprise knowledge management
  • Translation free multilingual model 
  • Marketplace and developer community to build and scale
  • Omnichannel automation

#2 R&D and innovation strategy

We’re in the business of creating innovative solutions for industries and teams that are being disrupted by technology, market shift, change in consumer behavior, and more.

Disruptive companies like Netflix did not change the media industry overnight. Netflix survived long enough, staying in business each day, even during lean times, which allowed it to disruptively pivot from its mail delivery strategy to streaming online content. This would not have been possible without technological innovations. Using streaming technology and presenting content in a different way created a revolution in the way that media is consumed, which we are still seeing today.

This analogy can be drawn to Yellow.ai as well. Being in the market for the last 4+ years, we have grown manyfold by solving the problems of our enterprise customers. Innovation and Research and Development at Bitonic Labs(Yellow.ai’s R&D lab), works on two parallel tracks. Driven by Customers + Community, UX research for defining conversational UX paradigms. Digital Experience Center.

#3 Go-to-market strategy

For our GTM strategy, we focus on where, before share. Where we as an enterprise choose to play is what drives our growth rather than capturing market share from our competitors/peers. When we think of where, we think about our product, the geographies we’ll go in, our channels of sales, and most importantly, which customers. Because we believe, if we take care of the where, the market share will come automatically.

Secondly, we believe in not just growth, but in momentum. We pivot towards momentum. And when we look at pivoting, it is different from jumping. We have one foot strongly dug into the ground, whereas we’re setting foot in new markets and the ‘where’ mentioned above.

At Yellow.ai, we’re seeing great growth in customer support automation in chat whereas we sense momentum in Voice Virtual Assistants, across the world.

#4 AI marketplace

Pre-built and pre-trained conversational apps (also known as Vertical Bots) are plug-and-play out-of-the-box chatbot applications, designed to make deployment, onboarding, and application, a breeze for enterprises.

Inside Yellow.ai’s Bot Marketplace, there are bots with specializations across the domains – from HR to Customer Support and ITSM, etc. This makes the platform very rich in terms of workflow variety, back-end integrations, and NLP training. And on the business/enterprise front, the benefits are:

  1. Reduced deployment time
  2. Maintained solution quality and  consistency
  3. Improved accuracy using pre-trained models
  4. Leverage pre-existing themes, bot personalities, and conversation designs

#5 Stellar execution

From product, delivery, sales, and marketing; execution of an idea or going beyond creating the expected value is something we constantly obsess about.

As a company originating out of Asia, we were quickly made to focus on the problems of:

  • Multiple channels
  • Multiple languages
  • Fewer data instances availability
  • The need for cost-optimized SaaS models

These challenges helped us build solutions which enabled us to build a robust platform that can deal with the challenges beyond Asia and ease us into entering new markets that promise growth and momentum.

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