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Conversational AI-powered initiatives in AMC’s Asset management Companies

Published: February 11, 2021
Updated: September 11, 2023
Conversational AI-powered initiatives in AMC’s Asset management Companies
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The increasing use of technology in everyday life is changing the way we request and receive information. It is because of contemporary technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) that companies today are more empowered to provide a more personalized experience to internal and external stakeholders, and are enabled to simultaneously reduce the cost of operations, increase productivity, achieve sales/revenue growth, and provide a seamless customer experience.

This document discusses various ways in which Artificial Intelligence and chatbots are influencing the Mutual fund’s sector:


Investor Engagement

Conversational AI provides a platform to engage with end-users, such as customers/prospects, over multiple voices and text channels in a more productive manner. This enables an increase in product stickiness for the brand and has several potential benefits. This can be done over multiple channels, including WhatsApp, regional language voice blasts, SMS, Facebook, and other social media touchpoints The Yellow.ai platform can automate interactions in the following key areas of engagement.

Customer Acquisition 

Click to Chat: Yellow.ai’s platform can help AMC’s acquire customers by running targeted campaigns across multiple channels like Facebook /SMS where a chatbot can converse with users in these channels and understand their context and provide a response to their queries.

Lead Generation: Understand customer preferences and help them make an informed decision online or redirect them to distributor channel offline and pass the lead to the distributor for reference 

Robo Advisory

Yellow.ai’s platform can suggest products based on customer risk appetite and Goal to be completed basis on configurable algorithms to achieve the following:

  1. Guidance on returns basis of customer profile.
  2. Asset allocation and fund selection strategy.
  3. Actively monitor and suggest a Rebalancing and Switch strategy.
  4. Trigger-based exit strategy to mitigate portfolio risk.
  5. Talk to a support agent in the backend or deflect them to a nearby distributor for further support.

Investor Services 

  1. Paperless onboarding with Digital identity verification documents like Pan card and Video KYC services via chat-based solution. 
  2. Provide relevant forms and documents needed for investors to make operational changes.
  3. Collect information from customers on services like a mandate, change of Bank, modifications in a seamless step by step process via a chatbot to seamlessly collect information and process it automatically in the backend by connecting to relevant applications.
  4. General FAQ/s investor Education and Circulars – regularly prompt customers with tidbits and updates about the Mutual fund industry.

Distributor/partner Management

Provide a single engagement channel for distributors to interact with the organisation. It eliminates the need for human intervention in conducting repetitive tasks to manage distributors. Following are the key areas where the Yellow.ai platform can enable distributor engagement automation:

  • Sending and managing Documents/Reports

Share information/updates regarding promotions for the month, margins for the previous month, overall performance, rewards, and incentives, etc.

  • Generating and tracking invoices/trail commissions etc 

Provide billed and unbilled invoices, payment dues, update details, etc.

  • Complaints Management

Handle incoming feedback/complaints regarding order issues, damaged goods, incomplete orders, etc. with the ability to gather details regarding the issue/complaint and raising a ticket, and trigger the relevant teams to take corrective action

  • Product Suggestions

Send out suggestions regarding products, old and new, and sending smart reminders to push products at the distributor end depending on past consumption behaviour in a location

  • Product Updates

Information regarding new product launches, promotional offers, and other product FAQs

  • Collaterals and Enablement

Distributors can query A bot for relevant data on Fund factsheets, marketing collaterals, information on launches, calculators, etc on a real-time basis.

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