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Leaderboard Rhetoric

Prerna Singh
VP - Channel &
Alliance (APAC , MEA)
Here we are at the last quarter of the business year and one cannot help but look back in retrospect, the challenges that we faced as a company, the numbers we crunched and the milestones we achieved. However, the most prized thing would still be the relationships we forged, nourished and grew along with. Here's to having each other's backs amidst a global crisis!

Partner LMS

In our continuous efforts towards enabling our partners better, we have made the Resource Segment live on Feel free to check it out and make the best use of it. Because as we always say, the better YOU know of us, the better the world will know of US.

What's HOT with the BOT
Do you know that bots have their own Thanksgiving ceremony? It's more like secretly sharing bot-superpowers amongst all the bots globally so we can perform better in the coming year. Also, unlike humans, bots party in the digital realm. So no fear of pandemic too! launches INBOX

An Omnichannel Agent Assist Platform for seamless customer management. Know more about this game changer here

Cisco and collaborate to Automate Contact Centers

Know how is augmenting Cisco's contact centres with Voice AI for better CSAT here introduces Geo-Distributed Architecture

KExplore how the geo-distributed architecture with its multi-region hosting is making it a truly global product here

Between the Bots
In this month's war of cognizance, find out why's solutions are way more than just a liveperson. It's simple, our solutions are the only ones you need. Find out why vs LivePerson

Bot Story of the Month
Catch an exclusive interview of Rashid Khan, CPO and Co-Founder of where he explains how an integrated omni-channel agent assist platform can help companies improve their CSAT scores by up to 70% and improve their Customer experience by up to 83% here:

Voice Of Victory
In this chapter of #VoiceOfVictory, one of the largest banks in the Philippines comes onboard with for powering their Customer Engagement & Support. We would like to thank our esteemed partner Nityo Infotech for efficiently supporting us through this deal.

Partner in Spotlight

Reiterating the spirit of they are therefore I am, I take the privilege to introduce with you all, two of our esteemed PARTNERS who not just believed in our product but also in the superpower of our combined capacities. Hear it from them why they think we are #strongertogether  

"With Celexsa's business on an all-time high and a growing customer base, we are witnessing an increased demand for conversational commerce in the market. As a tech services brand of repute, we obviously want nothing less than world-class in terms of CX solutions for our customers and stood out in every single metrics of our qualifying checklist. Through we aim to offer our brands highly critical outcome-based CX automation solutions."

As a SaaS platform that creates highly engaging, personalized and interactive marketing videos for enterprise and retail customers, Vidzai has been able to significantly enhance its customer outreach & engagement by bringing's whatsapp Business APIs and conversational bot, especially for its enterprise customers.

We at yellowAI are here to change the face of your business for the best, one bot at a time!

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