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We are proud to partner with KitaBeli on their digital transformation journey. As a leading social commerce platform, KitaBeli is in a unique position to harness the power of both social media and Conversational AI. We are delighted to enable the latest in conversational tech for them to expand their reach to their customers.

Enhancing customer experience

KitaBeli is Indonesia’s premier Social Commerce platform that sells packaged goods and daily essentials. Users can invite their friends to join the platform and form groups to receive bulk discounts from sellers.

Founded in 2020, KitaBeli is already witnessing fast-paced growth. As a startup in the fresh new space of social commerce, KitaBeli was eager to engage its growing user base with intelligent chatbots that would enable multiple customers to place orders at once.

With's intelligent conversational AI tech, the brand could serve multiple customers with negligible wait times and save immense bandwidth of their customer support team by reducing the overall query resolution time.

KitaBeli is already at the forefront of cutting-edge technology with a strong focus on innovation, as they build strong communities and enable customers to socialize about the deals and discounts.

As they grow, they will look for elegant omnichannel solutions that will not only benefit their customers, but also grow their business exponentially.

Digital Transformation focus

The Customer Service and Live agent handoffs are managed end-to-end by on KitaBeli’s WhatsApp group channel. The bot helps in Customer Engagement by handling multiple queries at the same time amongst other things. The sheer volumes in this short time of two months are proof of Customer Engagement Success with a high accuracy.

With the success of the platform, we are certain that KitaBeli will see astronomical growth and expand into more use cases and channels to handle their immense popularity and traffic.

With the enormous response seen towards the bot and the high customer engagement, there is no room for any doubt that KitaBeli’s digital expansion with Conversational Commerce has barely scratched the surface of their capabilities and we are thrilled to take this ride with them.

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