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Deliver exceptional customer experiences with WhatsApp chatbots

Provide instant round-the-clock support

Be available for your customers on their favorite messaging app 24*7*365 to provide prompt answers to all their questions.

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Enhance the quality of interactions with personalization

WhatsApp chatbots are backed by technologies such as NLP and machine learning that empower the bot to understand customer needs and sentiments to offer personalized support.

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Boost customer engagement and satisfaction

WhatsApp Chatbot promises scale and speed by answering multiple queries from customers within seconds, thereby increasing CSAT levels.

Save customers’ time and effort

Customers don’t have to switch between channels to complete a purchase or interact with your brand. From support to commerce, everything takes place on one channel.

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Capture, engage and support your customers on their favorite messaging app.

Deploy WhatsApp to convert faster and generate more leads

Engage using interactive rich-media messages

Chatbots make conversations more interactive by using media elements such as images, videos, maps, etc. to improve customer experience.

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Run targeted campaigns for lead generation

WhatsApp chatbot integrated with your CRM can extract user data like name, location, purchase history and last conversations to run targeted campaigns for every customer.

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Launch promotions and bulk notifications

You can use features like text blasts to shoot important updates to multiple customers simultaneously and also move them along the purchase funnel by sharing offers and promotions.

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Increase up-sell and cross-sell opportunities

WhatsApp bots are effective at upselling, cross-selling and generally recommending products because they can leverage their previous interactions with the customers to personalize the suggestions.

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Accept payments on WhatsApp

Leverage payments by WhatsApp and allow your customers to choose from our wide range of pre-built payment gateways.

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People Love Talking About Us

“ recognized as a Niche Player in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise conversational AI”

“ has been recognized as a leader in the G2 Grid Report for Bot Platforms, Winter 2022, based on receiving a high customer satisfaction score and having a large market presence.”

“ allows easy integration with portals. It has easy to implement use cases and the guided workflows function smoothly. Their cloud solution and the latest interface are amazing.”

Boost customer retention and foster brand loyalty

Send proactive order updates

Automatically share the order confirmation receipt and help customers track their order status during shipping to reduce the number of repetitive queries over text, call, and chat.

Conduct surveys and gather feedback

WhatsApp chatbots can be used to collect customer feedback with interactive surveys that have a response rate of 70-80% that is triple than email surveys.

Earn repeat business with tailored offers

Make sure to follow up with new customers and turn them into repeat customers by offering them discount codes and special offers. This will nudge them to make more purchases from your brand.

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Make refunds/return process easy

WhatsApp chatbots have access to customer data and can process returns and refunds instantly from the chat interface.

Direct calls to live agents seamlessly

WhatsApp bots can transfer the call to a human agent who can take over instantly in the middle of that conversation.

Connect with your customers on WhatsApp using world-class CX automation tools.
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Automate employee engagement with WhatsApp bot

Provide easy access to important information

Employees can interact with chatbots on whatsapp to know about company policies, leave balances, holiday calendars, raise tickets and a lot more. Gartner predicts that by 2022, 70% of white-collar workers will interact with them on a daily basis.

Send prompt alerts and reminders

Chatbot can send personalized alerts in text or multimedia format, requiring the employee’s action. For example, they can notify employees about possible downtimes and technical disruptions.

Launch promotions and bulk notifications

Now, HR and IT teams can focus on more complex problems as chatbots help employees with Tier-1 queries that require simple troubleshooting.

Improve recruitment and onboarding processes

WhatsApp chatbots can vet the candidates to shortlist the qualified ones and also update new employees of joining date, paperwork formats, and documents to be submitted.

Facilitate training and skill development

WhatsApp chatbots are capable of delivering relevant and personalized training content to your staff, reducing the burden on your HR manager.

Why WhatsApp chatbot?

Increase customer satisfaction
Provide instant gratification to customers with immediate and accurate responses to increase CSAT score by at least 20 points.
Cut costs
Deflect up to 65% of queries to WhatsApp chatbot & save up to 30% of operational costs.
Geo distributed architecture
Physical separation of customer data across geographies for faster performance and regional compliance.
Multilingual support
The chatbot understands and converses in 100+ languages, with or without local colloquialism – even when they misspell their words.
Fast omnichannel deployment
It can be deployed to 35+ channels including Voice with a single click.
Easy integrations
Link your bot’s workflow with your CRM and more than 100 other platforms.
No-code development
Build your chatbot from scratch without writing a line of code with our award-winning botbuilder.
World-class NLP engine
Our chatbot is built using a sophisticated NLP engine to understand the user intent in every query.

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