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November 13, 2020  •  5 minute read

What is the future of “Experiences” in general and that of “customer – experience (CX)”, “employee – experience (EX)” in particular?

At, driving meaningful customer experiences comes from ‘cognition’ and ‘multi-experience’ strategies. Despite their synthesis being inextricably intertwined, if we force ourselves to separate the two in order to understand them better, we realize that the cognition, in turn, is driven by algorithmsdata, and insights, whereas the engagements on the other hand are driven by your ability – to reach the right users (identity) on any channel (system) on every occasion (every time).

We will explore cognition and its driving factors in one of the follow-up posts but in this post, we wanted to do a deep dive into engagements and how we bring these engagements to life here at If you are looking to get up to speed on the fundamentals of a campaign, I would highly recommend reading the below posts: 

Intuitive & Powerful Campaign Management

Creating delightful experiences should be powerful yet simple. Let’s break this down a little. 

  1. Campaign Management needs to be powerful, as it has to fit the unique requirements of your business. Systems that are built to handle one engagement channel, fall apart when your end-users suddenly begin to adopt a new channel. The reality being that consumer’s behavior over the past 10-15 years has transitioned from “single-threaded journey” to “multi-threaded journey” where they have gone from using one way to interact with the businesses to multiple (on average about six) ways to interact with the businesses, the traditional single-channel campaign management tools have proven to be woefully inadequate in this regard and hence there is a pressing need for powerful campaign management. 
  2. At the same time, campaign management needs to be intuitive for your teams otherwise your teams would simply not use it. While being powerful enables you to get advanced capabilities in the business environment additionally it also needs to be easy enough to use such that anyone can quickly get started without much hand-holding. From the sales and marketing teams to HR and IT teams, you have to meet the teams where they are and their expectations. 
  3. Use Cases– Marketers in Broadcast Television may want to send reminders regarding upcoming programs to their end-users and thereby Increase engagement by driving more viewership. Customer Success Managers (CSM)s may want to send out quizzes to their users and thereby increase engagement by driving post-broadcast engagement. We make it easy for the members of teams in various functional organizations to run Campaigns and provide delightful experiences to their End User.

Redesigned Campaign Management soon to be in Limited Preview

  • End To End Engagement Life Cycle – Our redesigned campaign management allows teams to do everything related to engagements from a single coherent user interface to manage the engagements, to creating new engagements, to verifying, optimizing, and monitoring the engagements.
  • Create Campaign: Create campaigns in quick and easy steps. Answer questions such as What is the message? (You want to reach audiences with), specify Who needs to hear the message? When do they need to hear it? and a few more general details and voila, the campaign gets created.
  • Verify Campaign: Ability to reach out to millions of users at the press of a button is powerful for sure, but as we know “With great power, comes great responsibility” and hence we want to make it easy for you to verify campaigns and be absolutely sure of the experience you want to derive for your end-users, for this we offer powerful capabilities such as PreviewsOS Specific Previews(iOS and Android) and Live Testing.
  • Manage Campaign: Making it intuitive to create campaigns has one problem(a good problem to have though), very soon you would have tons of campaigns created by your teams, albeit not to worry if you have powerful campaign management capabilities, Need to quickly view all campaigns? Apply quick filters to narrow down to the select few? Sort or search for that one critical campaign? It is all accessible within a click or two.
  • Optimize Campaign: Iteration is the key when it comes to running effective campaigns, you learn from each campaign and need appropriate controls to implement the learnings for future campaigns. We have out of the box optimization controls that let you do precisely that. Capabilities such as Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Frequency Capping, Do Not Disturb, Queuing, etc. ensure clinical precision when it comes to campaign optimizations.
  • Monitor Campaign: Driving engaging experiences for millions is not easy but doing so without effective telemetry can be doubly challenging. You are flying on instruments effectively, and hence should be able to 1. Deliberately shift gears, and not just have to rely on your instincts 2. View Instruments. Our campaign management capabilities come with powerful monitoring abilities that enable you to be on top of the things that you need, to run effective campaigns at scale.

The key challenge when designing an Intuitive and Powerful interface capable of delivering engagements on any channel (system) is that it is easier to lean in one direction, at the expense of the other whereas It is critical to be able to provide the best channel level experience and at the same time make sure that it does not break the overall structure of the multi-channel campaign management. This is the challenge we have tackled head-on, while we have an underlying common conceptual design when it comes to running campaigns across disparate channels, each of the channels commands its space to be powerful and impactful in its own rights.   Best-of-breed single-channel automation apps were our benchmark here.

Our redesigned campaign management is soon to be in Limited Preview that is to say that we are currently looking to work with a select group of early customers who are looking for Intuitive and Powerful campaign management across multiple channels. is the world's leading enterprise-grade conversational AI platform that unlocks business potential at scale. It is powered by Dynamic AI Agents to deliver human-like interactions that boost customer satisfaction and increase employee engagement across 35+ voice and text channels and in 135+ languages.
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