Say wooyess with Heads Up for Tails Intelligent Virtual Assistant: Poppins

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  • Product: Canary - Conversational Commerce Solution
  • Platform: WhatsApp Business: 9717526240
  • Integration: Shopify Marketplace

About HUFT

HUFT OR Heads up for Tails Foundation was laid by Rashi Narang in 2008 in a small room of her house in Delhi. Rashi, motivated by her love for her pink-nosed labrador Sara, wanted to have a one place store for her four-pawed needs and provide the same for all pet lovers. Though started with a small store in a room and then expanded to small kiosks in Delhi malls. The startup has 30 stores pan-India at present and a few special pet spas as well! Its products include comfy, and customized dog beds, chic collars, and leashes, fashionable dog apparel, accessories for pets and pet lovers, and obviously pet food. The brand also offers its own range of organic grooming products such as shampoos, conditioners, dry bath shampoo as well as human-grade treats for pets.

About 60% of the company’s business comes from offline stores, whereas 40% of the demand comes from online channels.

What HUFT Client are Saying

"Glad to hear that the HUFT WA4B is running on the Yellow Messenger platform. Had a seamless experience purchasing products using this option.” - Adidas W4B Project Lead & a HUFT Customer

Testimonial by HUFT 

We at HUFT wanted to provide an automated customer support experience on the WhatsApp business platform which our audience is very comfortable using. With the Yellow Messenger Intelligent Virtual Assistant, we were able to solve one of our most frequent queries: "Where is my Order '' by integrating the bot with our backend Shopify system. It's been over 2 months since we have been using the system and though there are teething issues, the team is responsive and supportive to help to solve the same. We look forward to leveraging the Yellow Messenger platform more in the future and keep providing a faster and more seamless experience to our customers.

Highlights about Pet Retail Industry

pet retail industry growth
  • Due to covid, people are using e-comm to reach their pet brands, which has led to a spike in e-commerce sales. To keep up with the demand for query resolution in the e-commerce segment, Intelligent virtual assistants were seen to be in high demand.
  • Technological advancements have further propelled the pet care market size. - GMInsights
  • The e-commerce distribution channel accounted for over 16.4% pet care market share in 2019 and is expected to increase- GMInsights
  • The dog’s retail segment held a market share of 41.7% - GMInsights
  • Pets are viewed as members of the family now more than ever. And hence people are buying more pet care products and one of the main sources of sale is through e-commerce. - RetailDive
  • 18% of U.S. retail sales of pet products were online - RetailDive

Highlight from HUFT Intelligent Virtual Assistant, Poppins: More than 87% of inquiries are made for Dog products on Poppins by HUFT clients in India.

87% inquiries are made for dog products on whatsapp chatbot - Poppins

Business Challenge

During the pandemic many stores and businesses were seen closing down, HUFT was not far from being affected. HUFT’s loyal customers found it difficult to come to the store and buy the pet treats and toys they had the most trust in. 

The business saw a decline in sales even after having a huge loyal customer base and up to 3000 categories of merchandise on their Shopify website.

In a growing pet market, and with lockdown leading to more cases of adoption, it was time for HUFT to scale up rather than stagnate due to the lockdown. 


Whatsapp Chatbot solutions for online pet stores

Yellow Messenger after a deep discussion with HUFT’s team, deployed our conversational commerce product - Canary by Yellow Messenger, which can be customized and deployed on any platform. For HUFT, we deployed our solution Canary on WhatsApp. WhatsApp was chosen by the HUFT team for its worldwide preference as an instant messaging platform. The intelligent virtual assistant is named Poppins. 

Users can interact with Poppins and browse the merchandise, listed on their Shopify website and buy the products as well.

For the customers who have already opted in for receiving the latest news of HUFT on WhatsApp, Poppins can be used to run campaigns to land the customers on the HUFT landing page.


Online Pet Store Implements WhatsApp business chatbot for customer service as well as to FAQs
  • Poppins, an Intelligent virtual assistant is integrated with WhatsApp Business API.
  • Poppins is also integrated with Shopify to help customers browse through the merchandise, buy the product, and track their orders.
  • Other features of Poppins are:
    • WhatsApp FAQ Chatbot
    • Agent Assist Dashboard
    • Apply product Filters while browsing the products
    • Get customer Feedback
  • Poppins is capable of handling monetary transactions as it is integrated with Razor pay to provide a secure payment gateway.
  • Custom analytics stating Order Status Funnel, Order Funnel( for product types, pet category, Checkout, Order placed, Backtrack, etc.)
  • Pet Category Bifurcation provided in categories to categorize the products the customers are buying.
  • HUFT can run focussed conversational WhatsApp campaigns aided by insights and user segmentation provided on the Yellow Messenger dashboard.
  • Analytics also lists the top bought products.
  • For the next phase, the feedback that is already being captured will be converted to provide the NPS score.


  • Revenue Impact: The Bot was not just able to bring back the existing customer base but within a few weeks of its launch( 17th Dec 2020), the bot brought revenue of more than 25K INR.
  • SKU Management: HUFT merchandise is organized efficiently for ease of access and exploration by enabling a filter model in the bot. The management of products has made it faster and easier for employees to pull records.
  • New Customers: Poppins was launched to help the existing customers, but to the surprise of the HUFT team, the Intelligent Virtual assistant was able to pull new customers as well.
  • Accurate and Satisfactory Resolution: The support desk runs on our desk. The accuracy of this system increases with conversations. The more people converse with the Intelligent Virtual Assistant, the better and more precise will be the resolution.
  • 24/7 Support and Smart Agent Routing: Poppins is well integrated with our agent assist dashboard. The intelligent virtual assistant post accessing the query and customer the data transfers the call to the right agent to help resolve the query at the earliest. The average interaction between the user and Intelligent Virtual Assistant is observed around 4 mins.
  • WhatsApp Campaigns: Using the conversational advertising dashboard enabled for HUFT, the team has run multiple campaigns to help customers land at their website store with the help of WhatsApp notifications.


The Intelligent Virtual Assistant has received over 38K messages within the span of a few weeks and is rising every day at a rate of 1.6%. Poppins has been achieving its goal of providing the right product to the customer by 15% and this number is seen to be rising. The Intelligent Virtual assistant though launched to help the existing customers, but also helped the HUFT team in running focussed marketing campaigns for 100% lead conversion.

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