Microsoft, Yellow Messenger team up to transform voice automation solutions

Yellow Messenger

Yellow Messenger will leverage Azure’s Cognitive services to reimagine voice automation that will help businesses understand end-user intent better.

Microsoft and Yellow Messenger have announced a collaboration that will work on transforming Yellow Messenger’s voice automation solution using Azure AI Speech Services and Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools. With this initiative, Yellow Messenger aims to increase the accuracy of its voice bot solutions and help enterprises across sectors enhance consumer experience automation.

Microsoft and Yellow Messenger's R&D team will be working on building a more human-like voice assistant platform that is capable of understanding and responding on the basis of sentiment, dialect and workflow.

According to industry estimates, 60-70% of overall business to customer interactions across the world take place over telephone calls today, while the rest is over chats and email. Conversational interfaces are changing how customers relate to brands and ‘voice’ plays a key role in enabling smarter brand-to-consumer engagement.

In collaboration with Microsoft, Yellow Messenger is going to work on enabling brands to increase their sophistication and usage of automated voice assistants for regular use.

Yellow Messenger has natively integrated Azure Cognitive Services on its platform, for improved customer experience and operational efficiency without compromising on security. And this helps them with better understanding of conversations with customers, both voice and text, for more intuitive interactions. This also helps build custom voice bot models using Azure Speech stack for specific industry verticals like banking etc.

Some of India’s largest private banks are already using Yellow Messenger’s voice virtual assistants for inbound and outbound customer service and up to 65% support queries can be addressed and resolved by voice AI assistants so that customer care teams can focus on critical issues.

Source Hindustan Times

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