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Organizations today are scaling at a global level and this has led to expansion in their IT service ops. They are undeniably an integral part of an organization and a liaison between service management functions and user community. With better internal support IT downtimes are reduced and have better end user availability. With high operational costs, low value bulk support processes and high employee attrition levels - enterprise IT support has earned nicknames like cost centers, profit sinks and so on.

However, with Digital Transformation initiatives brands with an eye on improving efficiency and being future ready have started adopting AI into their business development plans.

"55 percent of all large enterprises will have deployed at least one bot or chatbot in production, and AI augmentation will generate $2.9T in business value and recover 6.2B hours of worker productivity by 2021." - Gartner, Top Strategic Predictions for 2018 and Beyond: Pace Yourself, for Sanity's Sake

With Virtual Assistants becoming the new norm in the Enterprise Automation space - especially with IT support operations it has become imperative that they be intelligent and smart enough to deal effectively with the ever-changing IT landscape.

With the future of ITSM in mind, we have created Flax – an end to end AI powered Virtual Agent to turbocharge your Enterprise IT productivity and employee experience.

Domain Trained IVA

IT help desk being a narrow domain has its own conversational jargon and industry specific intent patterns. For an IVA to understand such distinctions and work with such interactions has become vital for positive deflections and continuous employee satisfaction.

With Flax being pre-trained on ITSM specific generative datasets you can improve the range of query comprehension and provide optimized resolutions that the Employee is looking for It also gives the intelligent virtual agent the edge when dealing with cross domain engagements and helps in better conversational experience.

Out of the box Flax comes pre-built with multiple IT user journeys like ticketing management, user management, agent transfers etc. These can be plugged into your ITSM tool of choice anytime.

Automation and Analytics

Most L0, L1 tasks are rule based time consuming tasks. Eliminating these can help free up 70% of Live Agent working hours and let them work on high impact and creative tasks.

Automation adoption has led to improved MTTR – Mean Time to Resolve Rates, improved FCR, reduced 'Time to Resolution' rates, and drastically eliminated ticket backlogs.

Cognitive analytics along with actionable insights reporting is another major element contributing to operational success. Flax’s custom-built IT analytics dashboard helps derive actionable insights and mould data into improved IT process flows for informed decision-making outcomes.

Flax propelled automation and analytics insights helps your service desk “do more with less”.

Flax with its built-in workflow automation capabilities and integrations with leading RPA vendors acts as your automation hub and orchestrator, sitting on top of your existing tools and driving digital transformation

Self-Serve and Knowledge Management

What if we could make self-serve easily accessible on all channels and simple to operate for end users?

Flax does exactly this by its unique embedding of self-serve portals within its chat boards across all channels and provides self-service capabilities based on the employee query and intent. Conversational and form based self-serves have seen rising adoption rates and have become an employee favourite feature, greatly reducing ticket volumes and call backs.

Enterprises work with tons of knowledge assets every day. Manually processing and indexing them is a tiresome process involving long work hours and multiple teams.

With Document Cognition and Deep learning-based insights engine, Flax can integrate with your existing knowledge bases to auto-index and segregate KB articles without human intervention. It can also process this information into consumable entities and provide these as solutions to respective queries from employees.

Intelligent Ticket Management

From the start of a ticket creation process until its resolution, a ticket must pass multiple endpoints and approval nodes. This results in delays, continuous bottlenecks and ultimately, employee dissatisfaction.

With intelligent ticket management (ITM) it is possible to easily configure and cognitively automate ticket lifecycle. Now easily Create, Update / Lookup, and Resolve tickets with ease across any channel you prefer. Also, with intelligent routing this ticket can be assigned to the appropriate groups and agents automatically and at a faster rate without any delays during the transit stages. Flax’s AI powered ticket management system ensures better response times and faster resolutions.

Personalisation and Branding

“Gartner predicts that by 2020, people will have more conversations with chatbots than their spouses. The chatbots of the future don’t just respond to questions. They talk. They think. They draw insights from knowledge graphs. They forge emotional relationships with customers.”

Built and designed for bridging the personalisation gap for organisations, enterprises can project their business outlooks and persona through Flax with its hyper personalisation feature and bring the best support experience to the most valuable assets to the firm – their Employees.

Unified Omni-channel Service Desk Experience

Flax with its real time multilingual capabilities unites the siloed service desks spanning across multiple geo divides thereby bringing a unified service desk experience to the forefront. With support for more than 100+ languages you can effectively provide a seamless service desk experience.

Be it chat or voice, on any channel like MS Teams, skype, WhatsApp or web - initiating the right conversation with the right person at the exact time and on the right channel brings the much-needed proactive edge into internal tech support. With contact center automation Flax can help you eliminate monotonous replies typically associated with older generation chatbots and embrace human-like conversations.

Flax values data privacy and considers it to be part of the service experience. The platform is ISO 27001 certified with features like PII masking and routine purging for enhanced security.


With Flax IVA working in tandem with Live Agents you can drastically reduce operational costs, bring down ticket volumes, increase employee satisfaction (ESAT) rates, and get IT queries resolved instantly.

Flax with its AI powered suite of intelligent capabilities helps convert cost centers to innovation hubs and delight your employees with great Internal support experiences.

Accelerate your organization's Digital Transformation journey with Flax leading from the front.

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