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Company Overview:

The client is one of India’s leading e-commerce marketplaces offering consumer products including books, media, consumer electronics, lifestyle, and personal and healthcare products. The client organization employs more than 33,000 people and focuses strongly on employee welfare, engagement and productivity. The client believes that employees are the heart of any organization, and an efficient HR team for the employees ensures that the employees are comfortable and productive. The client here is Flipkart.



  • Leave Management: The employees need assistance from the HR team to apply or modify leaves. The HR team spends a significant amount of time on this task, which is simple and repetitive.
  • Payroll management: The queries regarding salaries, deductions, tax, etc. are often routed to the HR team.  Resolving the numerous queries coming in each day takes a lot of time.
  • Response time: The overall response time per employee query was high, due to the large number of requests coming in. 
  • Feedback: Lack of an efficient feedback loop to identify the scope of improvement

Solution and Implementation

  • Automate the HR functions such as Leave and Payroll management that involve repetitive requests.
  • Allow HR executives to spend time on building employee relations and value-added tasks.
  • An HR digital assistant to assist employees on their hire to retire journey
  • Feedback mechanism to get a holistic view on the employee grievances and concerns
  • 24/7 availability to resolve employee queries, through HR digital assistant

The client organization employs nearly 33000 employees, who have helped the organization impact it’s customers deeply. An employee base that large and strong comes with its difficulties too. The employees, from the beginning to the end of their journey with the organization have various queries and concerns that are answered by the HR team.  

The HR team faced the mammoth task each day to hire eligible employees, help onboard them into the organization, assist them throughout their journey with the organization and also be their confidant with various grievances and concerns.  This process required the HR team to involve in a lot of redundant and repetitive tasks that ate into their time allotted for more productive and value-added tasks. This impacted the overall efficiency of the HR team and the employees.

The client sighted this as a pain point that needed a suitable solution. The pain points included:

  • Leave Management: On average, a company gives 30 leaves annually. There are 30 instances per employee where the HR team’s assistance is required. The employees need assistance to apply, modify or cancel their leaves. This process is time-intensive and repetitive.
  • Payroll management: Employees often have queries regarding salaries, incentives, bonuses, deductions, and the net pay that are routed to the HR team. These queries are most often similar and repetitive.
  • Response time: The HR team handled a large number of queries each day, which required equal time and effort. This resulted in significant time to respond to each query, reducing the overall efficiency of the process.
  • Feedback: The best way to improve a process is through feedback. Taking regular feedback from employees ensures that there are a continuous improvement cycle and happy employees. The lack of an efficient feedback system

Technology has made access to information very easy and convenient. People are now accustomed to getting things done and questions answered instantaneously. The client understands that today’s generation expects the same level of end-user experience in enterprise software as in consumer tech products. And hence, it wanted to provide it's employees with the best digital experience inside the organization as the customers outside.

The client believed that this initiative would not only create a happier workplace but also and increase employee productivity. Through a digital solution, the client could ensure that the organization is always reachable to the employees and this way, they could understand their employees better.

The client partnered with Yellow Messenger to help resolve this pain point. The solution offered by Yellow Messenger included: 

  • An HR digital assistant - Sia for the client. Sia can handle the repetitive tasks that the HR team was burdened with. 
  • Sia enabled HR executives to indulge in most value-added tasks. 
  • Sia collected timely feedback from the employees.

Sia - HR Digital Assistant

Sia is the HR digital assistant deployed in the client organization. Sia handles HR functions such as Leave, Payroll Management, FAQ answering, Tracking employee sentiment; enabling the HR team to focus on more valuable processes. Employees can apply leaves, modify and cancel leaves with the help of Sia. Employees can also ask questions about salaries, incentives and other payroll-related queries. Sia understands the query, finds the required information and resolves the query in a matter of seconds.

Sia - The HR Digital Assistant

What can Sia do for you?

  • Leave and Payroll management: Sia can extend transactional support to HR professionals to easily manage payroll and other such queries. Sia can schedule, manage, update and track employee calendars.
  • Employee engagement: Sia not only collects employee feedback effortlessly but also enables the HR team to effectively derive actionable insights from the data that can be communicated to the top management for informed decision-making and remedial measures. She can also send personalized messages to employees on special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Response Time: Sia helped reduce the response time for queries significantly. This helped employees resolve their queries faster and reduced the burden on the HR team to resolve queries each day. 
  • 24/7 Availability: Sia is available 24/7 to the employees, for any queries or requests.
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