Conversational AI platforms build chatbots to educate people on Covid-19

Yellow Messenger

Leveraging WhatsApp

Yellow Messenger, another conversational AI start-up, in partnership with Facebook Messenger, also provided chatbots to the National Health Authority of India (NHA) and State governments such as Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Punjab, in April. These bots help people get on-demand information over NHA’s website and the State governments’ Facebook Messenger pages about how to assess Covid-19 risks, general information about hospitals, and tips on how to stay safe, etc.

Raghu Ravinutala, Yellow Messenger’s CEO and Co-founder, said that in under a month, over 1,00,000 people have engaged with their chatbots. He added that with the situation being very dynamic, they are working towards keeping the chatbots up to date. They are also currently building Covid-19 bots for companies such as Royal Enfield, Ravinutala said.

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