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Conversational AI chatbots facilitate web-based, synchronous, & self-paced learning to allow you to concentrate on an individual student as well as increase the quality and outcome of their learning. Well, this is the goal of every online educational portal, this is where Yellow Messenger conversational ai technology along with in-house developed natural language processing engine can play an important role in it.

Do you want to convert your prospective student inquiry on your website into your student? Are you looking forward to providing personalized learning with digital education and measuring their learning progress? Would you wish to automate your admission process, student feedback, or student engagement? Then this article is for you.

According to a published by JRC Science for Policy Report: Artificial Intelligence can have a huge impact on Learning, Teaching, and Education. Yellow Messenger AI-powered chatbots can help in the following ways;

  • enabling new ways of learning, teaching, and education.
  • generating insights on how learning happens.
  • changing the way learning is assessed.
  • re-organizing the classrooms.
  • increasing the efficiency of teaching.
  • two-way feedback
  • personalization

The child of AI experiment, Chatbots in recent years is seen taking the lead in enabling all the above mentioned. But before we get more deeply into this, let's see what exactly is Artificial Intelligence and Conversational AI

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a stream of computer technology that can be integrated into applications, websites, and devices to simulate human-like interaction through AI Chatbots, Virtual Assistants, and Messaging applications 24/7.

In Conversational AI, we use various tools such as messaging applications and speech-based assistants that uses eight technology components such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), Intent Recognition, Entity Recognition, Fulfilment, Voice Optimized Responses, Dynamic Speech-to-Text, Machine Learning, and Contextual Awareness to interact with humans like a human. They also use supporting elements such as Reporting and Monitoring as well as Security and Compliance.

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Research data from Tracxn states that more than 300 Indian startups use AI of which 11% belong to the education sector. Every Startup is very goal-oriented with fewer resources and the need for utilizing these resources for more goal-oriented is necessary. And removing or automating the repetitive task is one way of doing this. Conversational AI can completely take over all repetitive engagements. This enables teachers to focus on more important tasks.

Elements of Conversational AI in Education Sector

Yellow Messenger conversational AI will enable your institution to provide the best education to students, assistance to teachers and administrative staff to help them with real-time data, and reduce their workload to help them add value to their work.

Educational Chatbots

Conversational AI is used in Educational chatbots to mediate learner’s interactions with learning materials (readings, assignments, exercises, etc.), peers, and/or instructors using Technology-Mediated Learning (TML). AI-enabled chatbots facilitate web-based, synchronous, and self-paced learning to allow you to concentrate on an individual student. It allows students to proactively use chatbots in their learning process to increase the quality and outcome of their learning. It helps in the reduction of teacher intervention as the chatbots provide immediate answers, allowing the teachers to upgrade the courses based on individual student needs. Forbes has estimated that AI will power 47% of tools in digital education, and the market is estimated to reach $6 billion by 2024.

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FAQs chatbot

It is estimated that 72% of the users were satisfied with using the two educational chatbots built on the Facebook Messenger platform.

Having a FAQ chatbot on your website makes the FAQs quite interactive. It provides instant and specific answers to your students rather than having to skim through the web pages to find the answers. It makes the conversation interactive. It also collates the FAQs that are not there in the FAQ list, which helps you to make the bot learn and become smarter to serve your students better. With this list, you can make the bot smarter by providing an answer to the FAQs that are not there in the list. An FAQ chatbot communicates with your students through text messages, using artificial intelligence. You can integrate chatbots on various social media platforms to expand your reach out to a greater audience and increase your brand's engagement.

Student Engagement

Student engagement refers to the degree of interaction between the educational institutions and the students. This varies from one student to another as their attitude and trust on chatbot-mediated learning (CML); emotions during learning such as anger, anxiety or joy, and stable personality traits such as agreeableness, conscientiousness, and neuroticism; educational background and social and technological skills, self-efficacy and self-regulated skills have a significant influence on students by CML.

Thus CML interacts with each individual based on their individuality and outcomes depends significantly on individual learner characteristics.

Conversational AI improves student engagement by allowing them to ask questions that they might hesitate to ask in front of the class and records the pace of student learning to provide personalized education.

Student Feedback

Conversational AI provides students with more reliable feedback related to their performance, which is not possible in a considerable classroom setting because students with learning disabilities need special attention. CML plays a vital role in providing feedback to students based on their interaction and engagement with CML, allowing students to receive individualized feedback to help improve them. The system does not allow the students to move on until students gain knowledge of the concept. It also allows them to work through the material at their own pace if necessary.

Teaching Assistant

AI-enabled educational chatbot helps teachers to understand individual student's needs by gathering data from earlier interactions with the students. It allows teachers to tailor-make the lessons according to an individual student's needs and capabilities. It helps in gathering information on individual student's learning progress and shares feedback with the concerned shareholders. This provides clarity to determine success and failure rates. It also allows teachers to identify the learning gaps, strengths, and weaknesses of the students. This helps to determine further courses of action to improve student's performance.

Assignment Assistance

Artificial intelligence provides assignment assistance to the students based on their learning curve that is recorded from the learning progress. This custom-made assignment assistance helps students concentrate more on the lessons or subjects in which they are weaker.

Automate Admission Process

Artificial intelligence eases the admission process by providing answers to common admission questions from a potential student. It also facilitates the enrolment of likely students with minimal staffing by minimizing the manual data entry process. You can store your students' admission data in a single place. It helps you to collect fees from your students through various payment modes.

Messaging Solutions

The chatbots send notifications through messaging platforms like WhatsApp, social media messages, or email. They provide more personalized messaging solutions to students based on their earlier interaction and learning progress details available in the database.

Voice Assistants

Voice chatbots use various technologies such as Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Advanced Dialog management, and Machine Learning (ML) to understand, react and learn from every interaction. This helps in assisting students through automated voice response through VPAs more accurately.

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