Vishnupriyan is passionate about understanding users and building impactful products. He also helps to enable sales teams. And for the record, Vishnu is a human. So, basically, he spends time off the work too. He reads stuff in Tamil and English. Loves narrating stories. Lately, he got a craving for tasting various 'sweet dishes' across cuisine. Also, he really, really, really wishes to travels places and observing cultures.

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Improve CSAT and Reduce OPEX Using Human-Like Voice AI For Customer Support

Sep 17, 2021 helps businesses achieve successful conversational customer support through outbound voice campaigns by integrating Voice AI and TTS solutions.


blog launches one-click integration with Salesforce CRM

Aug 20, 2021 CX platform is proud to launch the integration with the world’s leading CRM software, Salesforce! This is going to help brands & enterprises collect crucial info & leads from chatbots & voice bots and push to Salesforce CRM in a hassle-free manner.


blog partners with Twilio for accurate user verification assisting sales enablement.

Aug 13, 2021 is happy to integrate with Twilio’s verification API Verify & Segment. Now ensure a smooth user verification process on the chatbots & voice bots along with a collection of data from and sharing data to’s CX platform.



Set a official two-way NLP brand communication on Rakuten Viber Messaging with

Aug 06, 2021

Rakuten Viber for business messaging is a powerful messaging tool having phenomenal adoption in Europe, SEA and such. Brands are increasingly looking at providing a conversational user experience given that Viber for Business Messaging helps organisations set up a verified, official channel so that customers can confidently interact and transact.



Dynamic reply buttons & list messages - WhatsApp for Business

May 20, 2021

WhatsApp chatbots are a great tool for CX. The latest launch of the two features – Reply Buttons & List Messages by WhatsApp add to the convenience that they already deliver.


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